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see you like this by 30toseoul (NC-17)
Title: see you like this
Author: [info]30toseoul
Pairing: Ronon/Sheppard, McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written as a holiday gift, from a private request for John in a developing relationship with Rodney, but subbing to Ronon because he needs the release that Rodney can't give him.


He'd heard the tense sound of their conversation in the hallway, but that wasn't his problem. If Sheppard really wanted McKay here for this, if he thought McKay could handle it, that was their decision. Ronon wasn't getting involved.

Well. He was already getting hard from the thought of it, but whether it happened or not wasn't up to him.

McKay looked half-scared, half-defiant when they finally came inside. Ronon had seen that before, and he knew exactly what to do with it. He didn't look directly at McKay again, glancing away as Sheppard said something to him in a low voice and nudged him to sit in the armchair.

"Get over here," he said to Sheppard, when that was done.


"Stop," he said idly, and felt the low whine of frustration around his cock. Sheppard almost didn't do it. There were maybe three seconds of stuttered hesitation when he thought Sheppard was going to ignore him and try to keep going, sucking until Ronon yanked him off by his hair, but then he did it. Pulled back slow, the red tip of his tongue coming out to lick hungrily at the head of Ronon's cock a few times before he stopped.

Ronon settled one hand on the back of Sheppard's neck, stroking, thumb anchored into that tender spot right under his earlobe, and--yeah. He was getting there, finally, his eyes closing as he tilted his head up, and Ronon kept his hand there, pressed with his thumb enough to see Sheppard relax a little.

He knew it would go easier if he just tied Sheppard down, strapped him tight enough so he couldn't fight anymore. So he could get all of his fighting done quick and just fucking relax already--that worked incredibly well, the few times he'd done it before.

Ronon didn't want to do that now. It was too easy. If Sheppard wanted McKay to see this, better that he saw everything, saw how this wasn't really about the ropes and the cuffs and the toys. Not for Sheppard.

He moved his hand around and tapped under Sheppard's chin, and Sheppard rose off his knees quickly. He was sharp, yeah; he might ignore or pretend to misunderstand sometimes when he wanted to push, but it hadn't taken him more than twice to learn the obvious stuff. Ronon wondered absently how much of this McKay was getting; genius didn't translate into everything.


"Up," he said into Sheppard's ear, loud enough to carry.

Sheppard groaned but he moved immediately, shifting to get his elbows under him; he'd been lying flat with his arms stretched over his head and his wrists crossed, and Ronon knew he would've stayed like that forever. Which would never stop being hot; how Sheppard tied his hands in his own head even when the gear stayed in the box.

Ronon shifted his weight and reached down to slap the side of Sheppard's thigh once, felt his ass tighten at the impact shock. "Up," he said again, "hands and knees, come on," and then shifted again, watching the wiry muscles in Sheppard's shoulders flex as he started to move for real.

He kept fucking Sheppard hard through it, leaning down to press against Sheppard's back and keep him from straightening his elbows completely, make him fight for it. Adjusting his knees to push Sheppard's knees wider, giving him extra-deep thrusts every time he was nearly balanced, on and on until Sheppard was cursing low and rough and breathing desperately fast, until he was sweating freely as he strained and pushed up against Ronon's body.

He could see McKay sitting perfectly still from the corner of his eye. It amplified everything, the body-pressure and the feel of Sheppard flexing around his cock and their sweat running slick together.


"Easy," he said, rubbing his other hand the length of Sheppard's back, his fingers spread wide for maximum skin contact. Sheppard was still mostly limp from coming but he always got nervous at three fingers.

Ronon stopped to add more lube, watching as Sheppard buried his eyes in his forearm and started breathing on a count, four seconds in and four out like Ronon had taught him. Good. He wasn't going to let McKay's presence shake either of them enough for Sheppard to get hurt.

He took longer than usual, twisting and stroking and rubbing his fingertips everywhere but Sheppard's prostate, rubbing until Sheppard was motionless across his lap except for the hoarse sobbing sound of his breath, and he settled his other hand firmly around the nape of Sheppard's neck as he tucked in his thumb and pushed carefully past the widest part of his hand.

Sheppard came soundlessly, trembling, his body a hot vise around Ronon's fist and his cock jerking wet against the inside of Ronon's thigh.


He always kept the clean-up supplies within reach. Sheppard didn't cling or curl up, but he'd learned early that Sheppard would leave nearly as tense as he arrived if Ronon let go too soon. He tugged Sheppard around to lean against him after he wiped both of them off, one hand petting through Sheppard's hair and the other rubbing long strokes from his shoulder to his hip. Sheppard was recovering slowly from his total collapse; he made a sighing noise and turned enough to press his cheek against Ronon's chest.

Ronon had nearly forgotten McKay was in the room until he was standing next to the bed. "Can I...?" he asked uncertainly, his hand hovering above Sheppard's back.

Ronon nodded.

Sheppard lifted his head and blinked when McKay sat down, his eyes hazy and disconnected until he registered McKay's tentative touch on his back, and then his mouth twitched into a small, exhausted smile.

McKay didn't look at Ronon again, but a few minutes later he said quietly, "Thank you."

"No problem," said Ronon, and he shifted to ease Sheppard into McKay's arms.

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2006-12-07 02:57 am UTC (link)
uhm. hot. that really is about all i can think of to say. just... awesomely hot. and good ronon narration, i'd imagine he's hard to do since he speaks and probably thinks in a spare, practical manner.

but mostly? hot.

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2006-12-07 03:20 am UTC (link)
Ronon is GOOD. And John is beautiful. And Rodney is something else, to let his lover do this thing he needs, and to watch quietly.

Hot and sweet, just the way I like 'em!

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2006-12-07 04:21 am UTC (link)
Whuh!! That was super fine. Thank you so much.

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2006-12-07 04:50 am UTC (link)
Beautifully done...very nice indeed

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2006-12-07 05:10 am UTC (link)


Guh. yah. Sure. that works.


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2006-12-07 05:13 am UTC (link)
Whoa, wasn't expecting that, but incredibly hot it was. :)

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2006-12-07 05:32 am UTC (link)

So laden with important insights, and yet so sparsely told. Very cool. (and very hot, too!)

Thanks for sharing it.

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2006-12-07 06:44 am UTC (link)
That was lovely! A balance of power I hadn't seen treated like this before, and completely believable. I wish you or someone else would write more of it. Thank you for sharing!

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2006-12-07 07:33 am UTC (link)
This is so, so amazing. I absolutely love the dynamics of this -

Rodney coming along even thought he's probably unsure he really wants to see, but then not throwing any kind of jealous fit but helping to take care of John as well as he can. That can't be easy for him - I've always figured Rodney for the jealous type, with his insecurities - but if John needs this, he wants him to have.

Ronon trying to include Rodney at least a little without interfering with their relationship or making the experience less satisfying for John.

And John... well. Being such a totally hot bottom, and so desperate for it.

McKay didn't look at Ronon again, but a few minutes later he said quietly, "Thank you."
"No problem," said Ronon, and he shifted to ease Sheppard into McKay's arms.

just about killed me.

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2006-12-07 07:35 am UTC (link)
This was fantastic!
The way every new paragraph begins with only one word from Ronon - very nice writing!

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2006-12-07 10:08 am UTC (link)
This is both amazingly hot and emotionally heavy. Can't decide between Woo! and Gnuh! :)

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Very hot!
2006-12-07 01:10 pm UTC (link)
Your writing is always quite good. :-) I enjoyed this and felt a bit of angst too.

John is very interesting in this piece. It feels as though he should be in a relationship with Ronon in this story because Ronon seems to understand this John and give him what he needs much better than Rodney.

I think Rodney is far too much the type to be jealous and possessive about his lover and he would not react well to his lover needing someone else as strongly as John clearly seems to need Ronon. He is very generous here, trying to be there for John, but I imagine this will not be good for their relationship unless Rodney finds his inner Dom. I can easily see Rodney breaking up with John over this and possibly even doing it because he cannot give John what he needs/wants from Ronon.

Ronon was done well in this too. The only thing I felt was missing was Rodney's explicit permission to play with John. It is certainly implicit in the setup, but if Ronon were genuine in his worry about hurting their relationship that is what he would've done. Of course, he also wanted to stay out of what they had which makes for an interesting conflict, especially since he's right in the middle!

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2006-12-07 04:50 pm UTC (link)
oh my. . . ::sigh::
well, i'm ready to face the day now :-P
awesome work as always.

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2006-12-07 05:06 pm UTC (link)
::needs cpr::

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2006-12-07 07:50 pm UTC (link)
I am very much with the dead right now. *flail*

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2006-12-07 10:10 pm UTC (link)
I love how Ronon turns John over to Rodney. It's sweet, in a spare way.

Also, fisting == guh.

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2006-12-07 10:24 pm UTC (link)
I think my brain just died. Holy crap.

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2006-12-07 10:37 pm UTC (link)
Guh. *is not very eloquent right now*

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2006-12-08 04:12 am UTC (link)
Oh my god.

I love sub!John, any time, any place, but what really got me about this story was the last two lines. I think that may be the most accurate description of a polyamorous relationship I've ever seen. Or my polyamorous relationships, anyway. I love that Ronon may be having sex with John and having sex for John, but he and Rodney have a relationship too. I don't quite know how to describe why this hit me so hard.

So yes, the sex is incredibly hot, but... I'm so glad you made it more than that. Thank you.

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2006-12-08 11:35 am UTC (link)
Wow, this was amazing. I loved the dynamics of the situation and how you hinted at a lot of things without spelling them out loud. It felt like a much longer story than it was. Also, it was hot. Very much so.

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2006-12-08 06:43 pm UTC (link)
Really HOT!

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2006-12-09 07:06 pm UTC (link)
Oh, boy, that was...woah.

It's the way that Ronon carefully passes Sheppard into Rodney's arms, like he knows he was sort of caretaking something precious and fragile. And the way Sheppard just takes it. He really does need someone to take charge of him doesn't he? Someone to give himself over to, so he can stop being the one who has to be in control all the time. Wow.

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2006-12-11 02:59 am UTC (link)
oh my oh my oh my oh my...

And sheesh! Because Ronon has big hands!

And I like the idea of Sheppard going to Ronon for something Rodney can't give him, but wanting Rodney there to show him both what he needs and why he needs it. Great story.

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2006-12-24 02:33 am UTC (link)
How did I miss this the first time around? Oh, yeah. Working and writing for [info]sga_santa.

So, how, how, how do you manage to just hit it, and do it so often? It nails the need, and the need John has for both, without ever looking in John's head, just at what he does.

And your Ronon voice? Thank you. Too many people take the caveman approach, when it's clear he came from a complex, advanced culture.

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