General Information:

Race: European American No
n/a Home Town: n/a
Earliest Release Date: n/a Marital Status: Married
Date Of Birth: n/a Latest Release Date: n/a
Eyes: Hazel/Blue-green Incarcerated Since: n/a
Hair: Brown Ad Type: Personal
Sexual Orientation: Straight Sex: male
Correspond Overseas: Yes Incarcerated For: murder
Seeking Legal Help: Yes Astrological Sign: n/a
On Death Row: Yes n/a
Serving Life Sentence: NO n/a
This person is incarcerated in Texas Department of Criminal Justice.. If they are listed as being in a "federal" institution, they are incarcerated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Clinton Young

Clinton Young
3872 F.M. 350 south
Livingston, TX. 77351

Age- 20
Race- European American
Height- 6'0"
Weight- 183 lbs.
Eye Color- Hazel/Blue-green (they change color shades)
Hair Color- Brown
Pen Pal Searching for- Any race or gender. I am very open minded, so I can corrospond with anyone, as long as they are mature & have a open mind. Age does not matter, but I would prefer someone 25 & up.
Description-Any and all pen pals and/or legal help is greatly accepted. Thanks for reading my request. I am a very open minded person that enjoys reading books pertaining to mythology, folklore, psychology, fabels, philosophy, since, history, and world religions. I like some sports, the outdoors, anything that makes me laugh, and life in general. I spend most of my time in here working on my case. I was wrongfully convicted. Now I know this is a common claim amongst prisoners. Though I have the proof, that was not amitted into evidence at my trial, due to my lawyers mistakes. I am no angel, though I am not guilty of murder. Spending all my time on my case gets stressful, so I am looking for someone that I can develope a meaningful friendship with, inwhich we can both gain mentally & emotionally. I am ahead of my years, mental wise. Getting the death penalty at 19 years old, does provide a rude awakening. But I do not allow my situation to control me. I enjoy listening to music. Mostly older rock & country. As well as some latin. I like music that tells a story and provides emotion in the song. I am a very deep thinker and enjoy hearing how others feel, as well as expressing myself so others can better understand me. I am also looking for legal help.

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