Operation Bayshield


Rating: 100%
Size: 3.1 Mb
Length: 7 Minutes
Date posted: 20/8/97
Sound?: Yes

666th Century Goats

Come on, this Operation Bayshield! Need I say more? :) OK, since I'm a movie reviewer I have to go through the whole thing (*groan*), so here goes: it starts off with a humorous little intro with a 666th Century Goats thing, a banner for Clan Undead, then the Operation Bayshield logo. Yay.

At the meeting

Some government organzation has a meeting. Apparently some foreign terrorist organiztion is hijacking Baywatch, so someone has to stop them. This involves lot of wacky jokes and things, like "Filthy American swine!".

The elevator

E.T. the extra testicle. You know the joke.

The hall

Two of the government people are sent to stop the terrorist organization at all costs. They run through a lot of doors, which includes running into a guy in his underwear who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. As his gun says, his name is Big Jim :). Whoops, wrong door. The next door has nothing due to low budgets, and the third one is a couple of drunk guys saying stuff like "Ohhh shit" and stuff :). Finally they happen upon the terrorists, who say "Oh my God" in a really funny unison.

One wacky DM

OK, this part makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Big Jim comes out of his room, and complains that the government guys gassed his girlfriend. So they start deathmatching, while a mysterious fourth character starts shooting as well. Huh? Anyway, the outtakes scene was pretty cool also. Much better than the Back in the Castle Again approach. Come on, this movie is way famous. You gotta download it!

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