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I loved this show when it was originally on, it portrayed Bush as sort of a likeable doofus, which was pretty much my view of him.

After what seems like an eternity under the Bush regime, the never ending fiasco of a war he bumbled us into, the assault on working class Americans, etc., etc. I can no longer laugh at anything about this man, not even satire, the very thought of what this cretin has done to our's just too much. There is nothing funny about Bush, not even a fake Bush, the mere sight of him makes me physically ill.

Sorry Matt and Trey, it's no fault of your own, but this show is unwatchable now.
The best television satire in American history. It ridiculed cliches you never noticed, like the cheesy lounge-sax playing the theme as transition music, the fades, the static camera, the idiot male lead. As for its political satire, it ain't exactly Lenny Bruce but as Mark Russell said, political satire died the day Sonny Bono was elected to Congress (RIP, Salvatore). But maybe Matt and Trey were smart enough to realize that there's enough shallow, uninformed political humor out there so their energies were better spent savaging an easier and more deserving target.
I think That's My Bush jumped from the outset. It really is just a one-joke show. However, I think their one joke is not the rather weak satire of old sitcoms. That seems to me like something calculated to deflect critics. Most critics would be too busy chortling at how "clever" these two were in ripping on by-the-numbers sitcoms to notice that it is built on one oft-told joke, the conceit of Bush as some imbecile being manipulated by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Parker and Stone didn't seem to get the idea that they weren't doing anything new or innovative, just troweling out the same tired joke about Bush that everyone else had done before. For the few who did notice how old-hat ripping Bush was, they could argue that the whole show is hackneyed. Maybe I am putting too much thought into this. If so, I am putting more into it than the people who made the show, and that's not good at all.
This show was tied up and *thrown* to the sharks by an uncaring world.
Oh was this an awful show. A sitcom about politics is moot because politics are a joke, and people already laugh at politicians. The only novelty of the show was that the guy looked like the president, and they found a really sexy lady who looked like his wife. Everything else was stupid.
This show never jumped the shark. It was funny, spiteful, and gutsy. I mean, a talking fetus as a guest star in the first episode... wow. Unfortunately, they cancelled the show after Matt and Trey got into a disagreement with the producers over the Bush daughters ( Matt and Trey wanted to make them major characters ). The show was already through when Sept. 11th came by, but if it hadn't been, it would have been cancelled by Sept. 12th. It's too bad. It was a really funny show.
This was a good show. Nothing offensive, and relatively funny. I mean not really that funny compared to what Trey Parker and Matt Stone normally make, but still it wasn't a bad show. Sadly, the show jumped the shark when we were under attack in real life on 9/11 and because of it, That's My Bush was done. It is one of those unfortunate things that nobody could have predicted
This show jumped on Sept. 11, because its best days were definitely behind it. The show is still hilarious, and Comedy Central would have continued to rerun it ad nauseum. It jumped because of the paranoid, reactionary attitude of the public towards the events of Sept. 11 and the fear to criticize those in power. Throughout its run, the show effectively accomplished both its goals: spoofing every abused cliche sitcom history and satirizing an administration that will baffle historians a hundred years from now. George Bush comes across as a functionally illiterate opportunist who had the Presidency handed to him. Dick Cheney comes across as a manipulative shadowy figure no one can trust. After Vietnam when the Counterculture gave way to the Reaganites, dissent did not become unfashionable, it became intolerable in the eyes of most Americans (yet dissent is perhaps the major tenet on which our government was founded in the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment - which, to public chagrin, came before the introduction of the patriotism as shown by flag worship.) "That's My Bush!" and any similar show to come have jumped until the public once again understands that "justice" comes from withstanding the crucible of criticism.
Um, the point of "That's My Bush!" is to parody american sitcoms. I'm sure if the show had another season, the creators of South Park would purposely make episodes that jump the shark for a laugh.
Some shows have good episodes-some better than others-I thought the fetus in the abortion episode was great. Probably could have been funnier if they did stuff about the drinking daughters too-oh well
It never jumped!!! Whoever found the guy that played George W Bush did a great job because he looks exactly like the real GWB. I thought that it was very funny, but it almost jumped when the abortion episode came out...that was kind of stupid having a fetus be the "pro-life" supporter. Eh...and then there was the cat (Puddin') episode. That was funny, never jumped.
Just a comment for the above poster. Matt and Trey had a deal with comedy central to produce a sitcom about whoever won the 2000 election. So I guess theoretically, there could have been a sitcom about Ralph Nader. A sitcom about Clinton would have been redundant. This show never jumped, Matt and Trey have said they would like to do a movie version, I don't know how they can get away with it in the current climate, but I would love to see it.
Funny how Comedy Central came up with a presidential sit-com a few seconds after a republican took office. It's not that Bush doesn't have a personality worth ripping on, but "That's My Clinton" would have been a funnier show. Do you think there would have been a "That's my Gore"? It would have been equally funny, but doubtful given the liberal media bias. Too bad they whisked TMB away when it suddenly became unpatriotic and the president obtained a stratospheric approval rating.
Ok so this show wasn't great, but there were some very funny episodes (the execution and the ecstasy episode). It never really peaked, and now never will as I doubt we will see more episodes, so it didn't have a chance to JTS. But really I just think it's funny to see a guy who voted for Bush calling other people idiots. Nice job buddy!
To the person who said this show jumped on Sept. 11th, you are a Dick (Cheney, that is). The show ended its run around the end of May, and Comedy Central decided well before 9/11 that they weren't making any new episodes. I can't stand when someone says that a TV show is inappropriate just because of Sept. 11th. Survivor is a prime example. Anyone who can't tell the difference between "reality" and reality is an idiot who deserves to be shot or better yet sent to Afghanistan along with Bill Maher, Susan Sontag, Wolfgang Joop, and the Prince of Saudi Arabia to stay with the Taliban and get killed. The worst tragedy ever has happened, but what the hell does Survivor have to do with it? Last time I checked, Bush was our President, not our God. Nice friggin' way they are handling the anthrax crisis, by the way (and I am a Republican who voted for Bush who is saying this). One more thing: Kristin Miller (who played Princess) is HOT! For that alone, That's My Bush deserves to run the length of Bush's presidency.
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That's My Bush!
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