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  Benjamin Franklin’s Science
American Meteorological Society
Discover the scientific accomplishments of founding father Benjamin Franklin, from his well-known experiments with electricity to the invention of bifocals. Philip Krider, professor at the University of Arizona’s Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, reveals Franklin’s multifaceted life and interests.
  Building a Community-Based Health Care Movement
University of Washington
Dr. Paul Farmer shares his community-based approach to global health care. Farmer brings health care to impoverished areas of the world through a nonprofit organization he helped found.
  General George Washington: A Military Life
University of Virginia
In his book “General George Washington: A Military Life,” Edward Lengel attributes Washington’s strength as a leader to his ability to reconcile his military, political and personal experience. A military historian, Lengel takes an in-depth look at Washington as a soldier.


New Treatments for Chronic Sinusitis
11:00 AMPreventing Lower Back Pain
12:00 PMDeveloping Vaccines for Emerging and Global Infectious Diseases
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