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Andrew W.K.

The Wolf

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No one who heard Andrew W.K.'s 2001 debut, I Get Wet, was on the fence about it. You either adored it or were cheesed off by its relentlessly cheerful, anthemic inversion of metal. W.K.'s second album, The Wolf, is less frantic than its predecessor, but it still boils over with Meat Loaf-esque keyboard flourishes, heavily processed guitar solos straight out of Starship's "We Built This City" and transparent lyrics that suggest a steroid-addled Brian Wilson ("Everyone just do what you want!" he bellows on "Totally Stupid"). W.K. may be hurtling toward overexposure thanks to his appearance in ads for KitKat and, but his wholehearted, puppy-dog-cute zeal for seizing the day remains completely endearing.

(RS 931, September 18, 2003)

(Posted: Aug 26, 2003)


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