Interview with Sceot of The Symbel:

1- How did you form and why the name?
Symbel was formed in 2001 by myself Sceot Arcwielder as a way of expressing the dark arts of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry through atmospheric and uplifting ancient metal music. The name Symbel comes from an old English drinking ritual that addresses the flow of fate from our ancestors and our responsibilty for taking these actions into the future. It is a very positive thing. and we carry on this tradition today, albeit tenuously, when we go drinking with our friends. 

2- How do you write your lyrics, do you write them first, before the music or how?
The lyrics and ideas are all written down first, but the rhythm and flow of the words may be changed to fit with the music as it evolves. 

3- How many releases you have out, what label have been supporting you?
Symbel released one CD in January 2003- 'We Drink, Hymns and Counsel of AngloSaxon Heathenry' on Angelisc Enterprises from England, the label of Forefather. It has nine tracks and is 36 minutes long

4- Are The Symbel a studio project, or are you also a live band?
No Symbel is purely a studio project, although I do play live in other bands.

5- Which bands do you recognize as your main influence, what do you generally like to listen to?
To me Symbel sounds like Symbel. Some people have said it sounds like Bathory, Otyg, Sex Pistols, Burzum, Primordial. I don't think that they can make up their minds. I never really listened to much Bathory, so that wasn't a direct influence. The simplistic magic of Burzum was. Whatever, it is AngloSaxon Forest Metal that is influenced by some of the Nordic bands like Isengard, Storm, Burzum. But ultimately it is English music that sounds like the dark damp forests of the AngloSaxon ages. And that is what "We Drink' sounds like...

6- What bands would you like to do a tour with and why?
Well Symbel will never tour, but if it were possible Forefather and BalSagoth would be the ideal line up. They are my favourite English bands.

7- What do you know of Peru or Southamerica?
Peru had the Inca civilisation with its awesome art and constructions and then the Spaniards invaded. That's all I know - we werent taught about South America at school. I'm really sorry I am so ignorant... I looked at a Chilean bands website the other day - it was a gore band. The first page had a picture of someone who had been crushed by a car. Horrible.

8- Are you into other kinds of music, do you have other interest in art?
As well as extreme metal I also like Kraut Rock (Can, etc..) , some ambient (Klaus Schulz), 50's Jazz (Stan Getz, etc..) and right now I am listening to eastern folk music like Klezmer, which is ultimately ancient Jewish music. The Klezmer scale is a harmonic minor which plays on the 1st, 4th and 5th modes. It is very beautiful and hypnotic music. A classic song is the Gypsies Dance. Bands like Death used those scales a lot. Lots of folk black metal bands use that scale without realising. Rather ironic that is used as 'Viking' music. At least Varg Vikernes realised this when he went ambient, although he was cutting his nose off to spite his face I think. 

9- Do you have other side projects?
I play drums and guitars in another project called THE BRETWALDAS OF HEATHEN DOOM. It is 70s doom stoner rock influenced also by 80s crust-core bands. We have a cd coming out in July 2003. I also play drums in a kraut rock band called EGGYUMYUM. The youngest member is 11 and the oldest 49. We are currently arranging a tour in Japan with Damien Suzuki.

10- How do you create all the atmosphere of The Symbel?
The sound of SYMBEL is dark Anglo-Saxon forest metal. It sounds very ancient. I think of nothing but my land, my history and my folk when makng the music of SYMBEL. That is the best way to create the right atmosphere. Total dedication.

11- Any future plan?
Yes the second SYMBEL CD will be finished in the Autumn/Winter of 2003. It will feature guitars, horns, strings, war drums, black metal/ punk/heroic vocals, and effects. 

12- Any last comment?
Challenge the stale trends in this scene. Heathenism is not a marketing trend. Anger, honesty, lust and pride shall prevail over the conformists who are washing the life out of us. Hail the might of the Heathen Gods, who call you from the darkness. If you are interested, then check out the music of Symbel. 

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