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Ellington Field

Ellington Field was originally commissioned as a military training field in 1917. At that time it was one of the largest aviation training facilities in the nation. In 1927, Ellington Field was razed by a fire and remained closed until 1941 when it reopened for military and post-war flight training purposes. In 1984 it was taken over by the Houston Airport System. Today, Ellington Field consists of three active runways (a 9,OOO - foot ILS CAT I runway, an 8,OOO-foot runway, and a 4,OOO-foot runway) and provides 24 hour-a- day air traffic control services.

Ellington Field continues to serve the military and United States government customers. It is home to the Texas National Guard, the Coast Guard, NASA, and the largest flying club in Texas. It is also the site of the Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show. Several private, corporate, commercial, cargo, military, and aerospace-related businesses are based at the airport.

NASA Aircraft at an Ellington Field hangar.
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