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How to Debate the Issue
Phillip Johnson
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How do you debate evolution with an unbeliever? Dr. D. James Kennedy's guest, Phillip Johnson, explains:
What I am not doing is bringing the Bible into the university and saying, "We should believe this." Bringing the Bible into question works very well when you are talking to a Bible-believing audience. But it is a disastrous thing to do when you are talking, as I am constantly, to a world of people for whom the fact that something is in the Bible is a reason for not believing it.
You see, if they thought they had good evidence for something, and then they saw it in the Bible, they would begin to doubt. That is what has to be kept out of the argument if you are going to do what I to do, which is to focus on the defects in their [the evolutionist's] case—the bad logic, the bad science, the bad reasoning, and the bad evidence.
Reflection:  Philip Johnson says the key to winning the creation debate is focusing on the evolutionist's bad arguments . . . and there are plenty of them.

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