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Bastiat Prize

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IPN's statement of independence and guiding principles

Counterfeit medicines in less developed countries: problems and solutions (pdf)

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IPN's Sustainable Development Network is a coalition of individuals and non-governmental organizations who believe that sustainable development is about promoting progress and eliminating poverty.

IPN's Staff

Julian Morris, Executive Director
Julian Morris founded International Policy Network in 2001. He was previously the Director of the IEA’s Environment and Technology Programme. He has two Masters Degrees in economics and a Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Westminster. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham. His full CV is here.

Mark Baillie, Editor
Mark Baillie has worked in more than 14 countries in the fields of security, finance, economics, business and politics as a soldier, foreign correspondent, diplomat and business consultant. He works in English, French, Spanish and Italian and works to spread the message of IPN and its associates in international news media.

Ellen R. Bisnath, Communications Director
Ellen Bisnath was previously a press officer at the Manhattan Institute. Prior to that, she was an account executive for Shirley & Banister Public Affairs in Alexandria, Virginia, and office manager for US Senator Rick Santorum. Ellen holds a BA in history from the University of Virginia and an Associates degree from Harvard University’s Radcliffe Publishing Course.

Caroline Boin, Research Fellow
Caroline Boin recently completed a degree in European Studies from King’s College London, including the Programme International at l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris.

Kendra Okonski, Environment Programme Director
Kendra Okonski has worked in environmental policy since 1997. She has edited or co-edited several IPN publications, including three books, Adapt or Die (2003), Environment and Health (2004), and The Water Revolution (2006). She writes frequently in the international media and also writes for The Commons Blog (a blog about free market environmental ideas). She has a BA in Economics from Hillsdale College (Michigan, USA) and grew up in Montana and Chile.

Philip Stevens, Health Programme Director
Philip is the author of numerous health policy publications, including Free trade for better health (2005), The real determinants of health (2005) and The 10/90 Gap and the diseases of poverty (2004). His writings on health policy have appeared in a wide range of international newspapers. Philip has also held research positions at the Adam Smith Institute and Reform in London, and spent several years as a management consultant. He holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Durham University.

Alec van Gelder, Research Fellow
Alec van Gelder is author of Dirigiste Divide; how governments obstruct development and access to ICTs (2005). His writings on trade and technology have appeared in a wide range of international newspapers. He has a B.S. in finance from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in the U.S and a Master’s degree in International Economics and Development from Université Catholique de Louvain La Neuve (UCL) in Belgium. Alec has worked for the Regional United Nations Information Centre in Brussels.

Kristen Veblen, Research Fellow
Kristen Veblen has worked at the Adam Smith Institute and at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne. She has a BA in political theory from the College of Wooster.

International Policy Network's Board of Trustees (UK)

Linda Whetstone, Chairman
John Blundell
Mike H.N. Fisher

International Policy Network Board of Directors (USA)

Linda Whetstone, Chairman
Robert Boyd
George Ohrstrom
Daniel Oliver
Bridgett Wagner

IPN Internships

If you share IPN's vision and mission and are interested in working as an intern, please email a letter, CV/resume and references to internship [at]

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