February 23, 2007

ANN Part 2

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A weird note to include here (but weirder as a post by itself) but I made plans with friends next Friday afternoon, so I guess the subs will take even longer. There’s a make-your-own accessory workshop, and the accessories were too cute to resist ._.

I’m just started bt, and it tells me I have >2hr to go… so hopefully this speed will keep up and I can start translating in two hours. Until then… ANN part 2

O: Good evening again. This is Oguri Shun! As you’ve heard in the introduction, we have a special guest today. Let me introduce him again. Tonight’s special guest is Matsumoto Jun-kun from Arashi. Yay!
J: Hi, I’m Ninomiya.
O: Hmm?

[ Did I spell it right? If you don’t get it, that was a joke. (What Jun said. Not my question.) You know in a comedy pair, one acts like the “smart” one and the other act like the “dumb” one? I’m sure America has this too because my lit teacher explained it to me. Jun is acting the “dumb” one here…. except Shun doesn’t catch it, and he ends up acting like the “dumber” one. ]

J: Hi. I finally got to introduce myself. I bet the listeners were wondering, “Who the heck is this dude.”
O: Yeah, and “isn’t this dude talking for an unusually long time?”
J: But we decided not to reveal who I am until… yeah.
O: Anyhow, anyhow, welcome.
J: Thanks.
O: Jun-kun’s been saying how he’ll come since this radio started.
J: You know, I thought maybe it’ll be funny if I say I’ll come and then I don’t show up. But I thought a lot of things will work out so I came anyways.

[ I thought a LONG time about whether he meant “things will work out” (like advertising, and just basically kill two birds with one stone-type of thing) or “people are involved in this” (like all the advertising they did, and if he doesn’t show up, there will be apologizes to make) and in the end… I can’t decide which so I’ll put this note here. It can work both ways. ]

O: So we’ve just finished filming for the drama for today.
J: Outside the studio.
O: Yeah, and it was a scene with the whole F4… and Jun was saying “won’t it be funny if I don’t show up? After all I’ve advertised? How about if you start without me?”
J: And you’ll keep trying to reach me, but I won’t pick up the phone… not until the very end.
O: If you had done that, it’ll have affected a lot of other places, so… I’m just glad you came.
J: I was looking forward to being here.
O: But be honest. You’ve never actually listened to my radio before, have you?
J: That’s not true! Nu-uh.
O: Really? But even today, when you said you’re coming, Shota said quietly, “Shun, I’ll listen to it for sure today.”
J: Oh, yeah, he did.
O: And Abe-kun bought a radio, didn’t he?
J: He bought one, but he hasn’t listened to your show yet.
O: No, he said he’ll buy one, but he actually hasn’t yet.
J: He hasn’t?
O: So when he listened to my show the other night, he actually got out of the house and ran all the way to his car. He’s an awesome guy. He turned on the car engine, and listened on his car radio while drinking beer.
J: Interesting. That’s just like something he’ll do.
O: He’s wonderful.

O: So, like I’ve said earlier, to avoid this show becoming Matsumoto Jun’s All Night Nippon, I’m going to try my best.
J: No, no, I won’t do that. I’m not that mean. At least not the first time. I can’t promise that for the second time though.
O: Last time. Last time we made a guest appearance on some show as just ourselves (as opposed to being drama characters), we were saying how it’s lonely without Jun.
J: You mean on advertisements or variety shows?
O: Yeah, on those shows. This season, you were right in the middle of your concert on January 5th, the very first day when we were jacking all the shows (on TBS?) from morning (to advertise for HYD2), so Jun could only show up for the first show, Asa-Zuba…
J: Yeah.
O: Do you have any idea how lonely we were after that? And then, I tried to hide the loneliness by talking a lot but…
J: Yeah, you did talk a lot. I was watching. You sucked at ping-pong.
O: It just doesn’t go in no matter how many times I hit it!
J: I’ve never seen anyone play ping-pong that bad before.
O: So… I was thinking… when you come today, will I just end up sitting back and letting you lead the talk?
J: Nah, I don’t think that’ll happen. I mean, I haven’t read the script at all so I don’t know how it’s going to go.
O: So you’re telling me to lead the talk?
J: Yeah, and I’ll join in from there.
O: That’s cool. That’s really cool, Jun-kun. Then I’ll have you stay until the very end.
J: Or I might just leave in five minutes.
O: Hey there now.
J: I can’t go home?
O: No, you can’t. I’m going to keep you here for two hours starting now.
J: So how does it feel doing it from 1 AM to 3 AM? Honestly? Isn’t it hard?
O: No, not really. Not yet, at least.
J: I was talking with Matsuura Aya-chan before, asking her if it’s hard, doing stuff like this, and she said not at all. But don’t you get tired of it sometimes?
O: I guess for me, I’ve already gotten used to doing this on Wednesday morning, so it’s not a matter of fun or not anymore.
J: You mean it’s not fun?
O: No, no, no, I love this job. But in terms of my personal life, I don’t look forward to this every week. I love it as a job though. No matter how much time time-off from job I get on Tuesday, I’ll always be doing this Wednesday morning, so it’s like, my Wednesday morning is always taken. Gone.
J: In terms of scheduling, huh.
O: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
J: Is that a bad thing?
O: No, I think it’s a wonderful thing.
J: That’s not what your face says. Your face look like you wish you could have a day off sometime.
O: Hold on.
J: What? What’s wrong?
O: I was just a bit… nervous there.
J: What? Workaholic.
O: We got a bit off-topic there, but… aw man, I’m starting to sweat.

Haha Shun. Your radio show rating was in a bit of danger there, eh?


  1. Thank you for translating this! I’m listening to the radio show now.. It’s so much cuter when you actually know what they are saying!

    Comment by Casey — February 23, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

  2. Please sub episode 8!!! PLEASE!

    Comment by Anonymous — February 23, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

  3. i love it!!!! thanks!!! ganbare on your translations!!

    Comment by vina — February 24, 2007 @ 12:43 am

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