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A list of known compilation Therion has participated in


  • Beauty In Darkness Classics (dvd) - The Beauty In Black
  • Beauty In Darkness Classics (dvd) - To Mega Therion
  • Death Is Just The Beginning Classics (dvd) - A Black Rose
  • Death Is Just The Beginning Classics (dvd) - The Beauty In Black

Other Covers

With comments from Chris

Metallica - Fight fire with fire

Thoughts we're getting too old to grind, eh? We tuned down the guitars, raised the tempo and kicked some serious ass in the studio. The vocals are done by me in the chorus and by Anders (the bald guy) in the verses. We used to play this song in 1987 when we where called Blitzkrieg.

Recorded and mixed at our own studio Modern Art.

Judas Priest - Green Manalishi

This is a cover of their cover on Fleetwood Mac. One of their best songs that I used to listen to a lot when I was young. We tried to do it close to how their original version sounded on the "Hell bent for leather" album (it later appeared in various live versions on Single and Maxi B-sides and the "Unleashed in the East" Live album). As we made a cover on their cover, it's no point in experimenting with our version, as then it would not be a Judas Priest cover, rather a Fleetwood Mac cover...

Recorded and mixed at our own studio Modern Art.

Thin Lizzy - Southbound

Here we tried to make everything as different from the Therion way as we could. It sounds like a sup-pop band from the 80's or something. We used Sarah to sing here, but let her use the "normal" voice (not the opera voice). No one would ever guess that this is Therion playing if they didn't know it and that's one of the ideas behind this version. It's fun to try odd things once in a while.

Recorded and mixed at our own studio Modern Art.

Accept - The King

"The King" is also a track by Accept, which can be found on the album "I'm a Rebel" (1980).

When growing up in the early 80s I listened only to one thing: Heavy Metal! Unlike many other forms of music, Heavy Metal is also a life style, and who knows what could have become of me if it wasn't for bands like ACCEPT, planting their metal seeds into my young pre teenage mind and making me dream about becoming a "metal star" one day! Those dreams made me start playing music myself and I'm sure there are plenty of other bands from my generation that are able to say the same thing. As this recording was recorded under very simple conditions (basically with some recording equipment on the floor in a cellar where we rehearse), it somehow reflect us as some old fans giving a more personal tribute than if it would have been done in the big way with full orchestra and choir like the today traditional Therion is like.

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The Therion version is released on the Tribute to Accept vol.1 (1999)

Bands that have Something to do with Therion Members

The complete list of bands (including those not listed here) + BIG essays written by Chris on each of them + some "files" are all available in the Society. The following comments are also writen by Christofer Johnsson


Carbonized was a band that was formed 1988 by Lars Rosenberg. Piotr Wawrzeniuk joined 1989 and I was asked to record the guitars on the first album as a session member by the end of -90, but was asked to join permanently after the recordings. The first album was called For The Security and contained psychedelic grindcore. The second album was called Disharmonization and was less grinding and more psychedelic. The third album, entitled Screaming Machines, was only psychedelic and was a mixture of the worst (=most psychedelic tunes) of Sonic Youth, Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, old Black Flag and Voivod! Not many people could stand this album and nor could the record company - the album was recorded 1992 and later re-mixed january -93, but wasn't released until 1996! However, in opposite of that Carbonized was a project done by Therion members as many people have though, all members of Carbonized was later picked up by me to join Therion (Piotr did 4 albums with Therion and Lars one - Theli).

Liers In Wait

Liers in Wait is the band of the famous metal cover painter Kristian Wahlin (Therion, Tiamat, Bathory, Dissection, Atheist + many many more). I was asked to sing on this mini-album as a session singer. So I did. The music was EXTREMELY jazzy, chaotic and complicated death metal. Completely unlistenable to simpleminded music lovers indeed!


Megaton is an electonic pop duo that hired me as a studioguitarist, as they wanted to try something diffrent and add some heavy guitars on it.


Messiah is another band that I joined as a session singer. I was however labeled as a permanent member, even though I in reality didn't have much musical effect on the band (I wrote one riff if I remember it correctly). The album "Underground" was however a big innovation from the ealier more conservative deathrash type of metal, as it was more in a progressive thrash/heavy metal vein with traces of death metal and even some hard core.

There was a single made on the to say the least controversial song "Ballad Of Jesus" who had some really original lyric, telling a story about Jesus as a pedofile, raping children ritually. "Very untasteful" was one comment from a major german magazine. Never the less innovative?


The Robots is a punkrock band where Piotr is playing drums.


Serpent is a doom band in the vein of early Black Sabbath where Piotr is doing the lead vocals.