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Treasure, tricks or trouble - is this your lucky night?
From the makers of Atmosfear™ The Gatekeeper, an international success in over 18 different countries, Comes a fresh new family game of

It's even faster and funnier with a crazy new host.
He's the mummy with the most: KHUFU!

Fully interactive
Communicate directly with your on-screen host, the freaky pharaoh,
and play interactive games using the DVD remote control.

Random DVD programming ensures infinite possibilities and a new game experience every time. The video sequence will never be the same twice.

Beat the Clock
The 45 minute countdown and Khufu's sudden, unexpected appearances create tension and excitement. It's a race against time and that fiendish Pharaoh is determined to win!

Atmospheric cinema quality video and audio
for a fully immersive experience. 5.1 surround sound track builds to a crescendo as the deadline approaches.
State of the art special effects software and technologies for stunning 3D visuals and a truly entertaining experience.

With interactive game play, random selection and atmospheric digital sound and picture, KHUFU THE MUMMY promises hours of fun and laughs for players 12 years and over.