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– Tornado: Explosion Project
Fireworks by Grucci and Chinese Artist Cai Guo-Qiang
create opening finale for the Kennedy Center of the Arts Festival of China

Fireworks by Grucci once again collaborated with world-renown Chinese artist, Cai Guo-Qiang to create "Tornado: Explosion Project" for the Festival of China.

As opening finale of the 2005 Kennedy Center for the Arts Festival for China, Fireworks by Grucci was commissioned to create "Tornado: Explosion Project" for the Festival of China on the Potomac River, October 1, 2005. The explosion project took art beyond the theatres to the Potomac River, the sky and into the city.

Tornado in front of the Kennedy Center, Washington DC

The project consisted of two phases. The first, was a prelude called "Dancing Boats,"
in which Fireworks by Grucci executed a series of choreographed movements using nine motorboats on the water accompanied by custom designed and manufactured "dancing" pyrotechnics. This study on movement spoke to the performative legacy of the
Kennedy Center.

Barge being positioned on the Potomac River
During the second portion, "Tornado,"
Fireworks by Grucci incorporated
the use of 2,030 Pixelburst (TM) Shells (a state-of-the-art Grucci exclusive)
to create a massive 500 foot high, spiraling, conical shape that dipped down to the Potomac River, as if a twister was touching down. Tornado, the word for a dragon-twisting wind
in Chinese, signifies the arrival of
China in Washington D.C. and
beyond, and its undeniable presence
in the world today.
One of many precise mortar
arrangements to present Tornado.
Fireworks by Grucci continues to make innovations in the use of special effect and high tech pyrotechnics. The ongoing collaborative efforts of Designer/Engineer Phil Grucci and Artist Cai Guo-Qiang continue to yield the some of the world's most creative, aggressive and forward-thinking exhibitions.  

Phil Grucci working closely with
Lt. Tony Falwell, of the Washington DC
Fire Dept

Pixelburst (TM) Shell is a trademark of
Fireworks by Grucci.
For more information contact: Fireworks by Grucci at 631-286-0088

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