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The Diva Report-Happy Anniversary!
Posted by: Chris Paulson - 10.03.2004 08:44 PM

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Smcakdown was not the only anniversary in the WWE recently. On September 21, it was the sixth anniversary of the WWE Women's Championship being brought back to the federation. So, today I thought I would write a column celebrating the special occasion. It is nothing really special, I am just going to give a brief summary of the Women's Division over the last Six years. Plus, I have included an exclusive interview that I conducted with a former WWE Diva. I really hope you all enjoy it.


In a match between Jacqueline and Sable, the WWE reinstated the WWE Women's Championship on September 21, 1998, after a three year hiatus. With the help of Marc Mero Jacqueline won the match and held onto the title for two months, until she lost the Title to Sable on November 15, 1998.

Sable brought in the new year (1999) as the Women's Champion, she went on to hold the belt for six long months until March 10, 1999, losing the belt to Debra. About one month after losing the Championship to Debra, Sable left the WWE and filed her lawsuit against the federation. Debra was only the Women's Champion for one month, she lost the title on June 14, 1999, to Ivory. Ivory held onto the Title for six months, except for the one week were Moolah held onto it.

On December 12, 1999, Ivory, B.B, The Kat, and Jacqueline all stepped in side a pool to wrestle in an Evening Gown match, in the end The Kat won the Title. The Kat held onto the Title a litte over a month, until January 31, 2000, were she lost to Harvey Whippleman in a Lumber Jill Snow Bunny Match. Harvey put the Championship on the line agasint Jacqueline on Febuarary 3, 2000, and lost. Jacqueline was the Women's Champion for six week until she lost it to Stephanie McMahon on March 30, 2000. Steph had the help of D-X and Tori to win the match. Steph defend her Title two times over a five month period, finally on August 21, 2000, Stephanie lost the Women's Championship to Lita.

Lita's title reign was a short-lived 3 months, but she put the title up probably more than any other champion had in a 3 month period (7 times). Ivory snatched the title back once again on November 20, 2000 when Lita faced off against Ivory, Jacqueline and Trish Stratus in a Four Corner's Match. Lita seemed to have the match won after a moonsault on Ivory, but Edge & Christian attacked her when the referee wasn't looking. Ivory managed to hold the championship for 5 months, but not without getting help from her partners in The Right To Censor.

At Wrestlemania X-Seven Chyna took on Ivory at a second attempt to become the Women's Champ. This time around Chyna was not suffering from her neck injury, unlike at the Royal Rumble. Chyna beat Ivory within four minutes and became the new Women's Champ. On May 20, 2001, Chyna defended her Title against Lita at Judgment Day. Chyna was successful in her Title defense, but little did we all know that this was Chynas last match on WWE programing. Chyna and WWE had ended talk of a contract renewal for the Ninth Wonder Of The World, and Chyna was sent home to sit out of the rest of her contract. The WWE Women's Championship was set on the shelf until Survivor Series in 2001.

Trish Stratus, Mighty Molly, Jazz, Ivory, Lita, and Jacquline all wrestled in a Six Pack Challenge. In the end Trish was able to out wrestle the other five women, to become the new Women's Champion.

For the next few months the newcomer - Jazz - decided it was time to make the delicious Trish's life a living hell.� Attacking mainly from behind, Jazz started a deadly campaign going into 2002 that made it clear in no uncertain terms that she wanted the championship belt.� Every time Trish appeared in the ring or put the belt up for grabs she had to watch her back, knowing that Jazz was just looking for a chance to blindside the champ.

This was obviously an unprecedented "push" by the WWF for someone so new to the Federation.� Eventually Jazz attacked Trish backstage and managed to break the champ's hand by slamming a trunk lid on it.� Trish still managed to retain her title beating Jazz the next two times they met, but the third time was finally the charm for the powerful black Amazon. On a Raw in February 2002 Jazz finally became the WWF Women's Champion.For the next 3 months (02/02/02 - 05/06/02) Jazz furiously battled with Trish Stratus over the Championship Title Belt.�� The only other contenders for the title during that time were Molly Holly and a WrestleMania 18 Triple Threat Match that included Lita.Sometime during her reign Jazz developed some bothersome symptoms that turned out to be a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament ) in her left knee.� Unable to continue without having the problem operated on, the WWE came up with one of the strangest matches ever devised.� In a unique contest Trish Stratus entered the ring along with Bubba Ray Dudley in a tag match against Stevie Richards and Jazz. Although it was a tag match, the rules stated that only the women could face each other and the men could only trade blows with Hardcore match rules also applying. Both the Women's Championship and the Hardcore Championship would be on the line as well. Bubba was able to take care of Stevie while Trish dispatched Jazz to again hold the title belt.In a period of a month (05/19/02 - 06/23/02) Trish put the title up an unprecedented 5 times before losing to Molly Holly at the King OF The Ring PPV.� Molly held the belt for the next 3 months (06/23/02 - 09/22/02) losing to Trish, who then went on a another almost weekly title defense.� From 09/23/02 - 11/17/02 Trish defended the tile 6 times finally losing to her new nemesis - Victoria - at the Survivor SeriesPPV.

To end 2002 and start off 2003 Victoria took on Stacy Keibler (look out!) and then got down to business by taking on Jacqueline & Trish in several Triple Threat Matches, including the First Ever Women's Hardcore Triple Threat Match and the First Ever Women's Chicago Street Fight Title Match.Just before going into WrestleMania XIX, Jazz returned from her knee injury to antagonize both Victoria and Trish simultaneously.� This led into one of hottest women's matches of all time - a Triple Threat Match with Victoria pitted against the able and 3-Time Women's Champion Trish Stratus and the deadly Amazon Jazz.� All three women gave as good as they got, with Jazz & Victoria even teaming up against Trish.� In the end though the blonde bombshell came through once again to win the title for her 4th time.Within a month Trish lost the belt to Jazz, who then held the belt for only two months before losing to a totally unknown opponent.� During a Monday Night RAW Battle Royal, Jazz faced off against Trish, Ivory, Victoria, Jacqueline, Molly and a brand new rookie - Gail Kim.� Somehow with all these quality opponents, the WWE decided that after only 5 minutes in the ring she should win the title! She held the title for only a month before Molly Holly took the championship belt for her 2nd reign. Molly went on to hold the belt for 7 months, but it was pretty much an unremarkable period for the belt, especially since she didn't defend the title between August 18, 2003 - November 16, 2003 & December 14,2003 - February 23, 2004.� That pretty much left her only defending the title for 3 months out of 7, not much of an accomplishment.

Finally in February, Molly defended the title in a Fatal Four Way match, losing to Victoria who would be serving her 2nd stint as the Women's WWE Champion.During the next 4 months Victoria successfully defended the title against Mollyand Lita, then met her doom at the Bad Blood PPV Fatal Four Way match against Trish, Lita and Gail Kim. Just as it looked like Lita would regain the title once again, she was surprised by Trish who pinned her and became the first ever 5 time Women's Champion.

Babe Of The Year
It has been awhile since I last posted a column, so to bring you up to speed Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler were the last two that you were voting on. Well, I know Stacy Keibler won the WWEs Babe Of The Year, but she didn't win mine! Molly Holly beat Stacy with a vote of 10 out of 12 votes. This week since we are a little behind with the contest, you will be able to vote for two of your favorite WWE Divas. First up, Lillian Garcia vs. Jazz and last but not least, Victoria vs. Miss Jackie. Vote now!

Real Name: Lilian Garcia
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
From: Madrid, Spain
WWE High Light:

Real Name: Carlene Begnaud
Height/Weight: 5'4", 145 lbs
From: New Orleans
Finishing Move: Fisherman's Suplex
WWE HighLight: Former WWE Women's Champ

Real Name: Lisa Marie Varon
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136lbs
From: San Bernardino, CA�
WWE HighLight: Former WWE Women's Champ

Real Name: Jackie Gayda
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
WWE HighLight: Tough Enough II Winner

I told you all that I had an interview with a former WWE Diva, well here it is. The Diva is none other then Former WWE Women's Champion Jacqueline.

What have you been up to since your departure from WWE?
I have been taking acting classes and preparing for my movie role in "Knight Fever."

Can you tell us anything about your movie you are going to be working on?
I� play a detective, Venus Jackson.� Venus is a real mean tough cop (her nickname is 'evil' Venus).� She is very intense most of the time.� The movies takes place in the late 70's in Los Angeles and has lots of action.

Was it a mutual agreement when you left the WWE, kinda like when Terri left?
It wasn't my decision to leave.� I was told by the WWE that the writers couldn't come up with any storyline for me at this time.

Are you going to be focusing more on acting now, or are you going to try and wrestle?
At this time, I would love to focus on acting.

If you ask many fans of yours, they would say your best feud was with Sable.� In your opinion, what has been your best feud to date?
I agree with the fans and say that the Sable storyline was my best feud.

How does it feel to know that yourself and Sable are responsible for the Women's Championship being back in the WWE?
It was a great accomplishment and honor to revive the Women's Championship division.

I recently wrote a column how the WWE should combine the Raw and Smackdown women and divide them up between the two shows a little better.� I feel too many women are going to wrestle in the WWE, with how the current roster is set up.� What is your opinion on the current Women's Division?
They need more substance in the Women's Division.

In March of 2000, you lost the Women's Championship to Stephanie McMahon.� Why was the decision made for you to lose the Women's Title� to Steph, someone who obviously can't wrestle?
That's a good question.

What was it like to be one of the female trainers for the first season of Tough Enough?
I really enjoyed working on the first season on Tough Enough.� It was the first time for me to train other people.

How did you deal with the negative feedback from the fans in regard to winning the Cruiserweight Title?
I was very proud to hold the Cruiserweight Title.� I did get a lot of negative feedback, but mostly from male fans.,� But that didn't bother me.� Because I feel that I deserved the title and a lot more.

I recently read on a Wrestling news site that April hunter was looking to wrestle you at an independent show.� Is there any truth to this and would you do it?
Not true.

Is there any chance we may see you pop up on NWA-TNA?
Maybe, never say never.

Time to play the name game -
McMahon Family - Dynasty
Sable - Playboy
Chavo Guerrero - Very professional
HHH - Intense
Stone Cold - Bad ass
Torrie Wilson - Sweet
Kurt Angle - The best wrestler around
Trish Stratus - Much improved
Chyna - Hard worker
Kane - Big Red machine
Eric Bischoff - No comment
Booker T - Entertaining
Rick Flair - Flamboyant

The rest of the Interview was not sent back. I would like to thank Jackie for taking the time out and doing the interview with me. It was an honor. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your career.

The time has come for me to go. E-mail me with your vote for the Babe Of The Year Contest. Remember to send me two votes, for two different women. Also send me your comments on today's column, good or bad I want to hear them. I do read them all! E-mail me at Bigchew6@AOL.com

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