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Replacing London's Victorian water mains

Replacing London's Victorian water mains

Two workers replacing pipe on a road with London bus in background

We have so far replaced more than 400 miles of old and leaky water mains in London – enough to stretch from London to Aberdeen. The work is essential to reduce leakage and ensure that the capital's growing population continues to receive the water it needs. Drier summers linked to climate change increase the urgency of this work.

We are accelerating this work, and by 2010 will have renewed over 1,100 miles of water mains in London. About 1,400 staff are currently working in over 30 locations, removing cast iron pipes which in many cases date from Victorian times and replacing them with more durable and flexible plastic pipes.

Although the work inevitably involves some short-term disruption, it will bring many long-term benefits, most importantly a reduction in the potential for future bursts and leaks, minimising the need for more streetworks.

We are doing all we can to minimise disruption – for example, we aim to complete as much work as possible using ‘no dig’ technology, which removes the need to dig long trenches along streets.

If you have a question about leakage, check our leakage pages or email us.


Download, pdf, Victorian Mains Replacement leafletVictorian Mains Replacement leaflet
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