Twinning Town

Twinning Mayor

Broadstairs & St. Peter’s is twinned with the town of Wattignies in Northern France.

On the 21st December 1981 the first meeting between the Mayor of Wattignies Mr Delefosse, Deputy Mayor John Pierre Lambert and the Town Clerk of Wattignies took place in Broadstairs.  The Mayor of Wattignies had been invited to take the chair as it was his deputy Mr Lambert, a friend of the Broadstairs Wimsett family since boyhood, who first proposed the idea of Twinning the two Towns.

After a few adverse comments in the early stages the necessary documents, (charters etc) were signed in Wattignies.  Since then a number of groups and schools have visited Wattignies and a number of lasting friendships made.

The Twinning Association is run by a chairman Mr V Velvick and small committee who have regular monthly meetings to try to continually raise funds for the various activities regarding Twinning


If you wish to contact the Twinning Association, please contact :
Mrs P Jeffrey 01843 869007

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