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Tobias Powalowski

Voodoo Beta2 ISO release

Hi folks,
after one month heavy hacking during the evenings/weekends on archboot.
0.8 Beta2 Isos are available for i686 and x86_64.

This time only isolinux is used to avoid non booting cd media.
- switched to kernel
- to boot the ISO 96 MB RAM are recommended, it breaks somewhere between 80 - 90 MB RAM.
  (calculated like this: kernel image + initrd size + decompressed initrd)
- fixed many other small things i cannot remember ;)

The 0.8 Isos now run like any installed arch system,
   here are the highlights:
   * pacman is included to allow installation of any other needed package
     in install environment.
   * complete /etc/rc.d/ and /etc/rc.conf support
   * complete arch network support, including ssh,telnet and portmap services
   * custom config files support:
     any media with /config directory and files will be copied to /etc/
     install environment
   * loading packages as addons during boot:
     any media with /packages directory including pacman packages will be
     installed during bootup.
   * links and naim included to be able to communicate over the internet.
   * complete kexec support
   * updated doku to 0.8

ISOs are on the way to the mirrors so please be patient until they are synced.


everything mentioned here should be fixed:

Forum feedback thread is here:

please test those Isos well and try to break them, we are stepping forward to
rc candidates soon :)

Again to clarify Beta2 doesn't mean Arch 0.8 is in beta2 stage, the install
environment is meant with beta2.

Have fun and thanks for testing.


Copyright © 2002-2006, Judd Vinet <>

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