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BERDIYEV, Batyr Atayevich
Former foreign minister
Born 1960

1990-91 -- Correspondent for the Turkmen SSR's weekly newspapers "Soyuz" and "Zhizn," which are publications of the republic's Foreign Affairs Ministry

1992-94 -- Deputy foreign minister

1994-2000 -- Ambassador to Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the OSCE

28 July 2000-7 July 2001 -- Foreign minister; was dismissed for alcoholism, poor knowledge of the native language, a weakness for women, and failure to understand the problems of the Caspian and Aral seas and Afghanistan

8 December 2002 -- Arrested in connection with a reported assassination attempt on President Niyazov

January 2003 -- Convicted of involvement in the alleged attempt on President Niyazov's life; sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment

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