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Last updated 03/16/2007
for Patch 2.0.10 and the Burning Crusade

Family: Crab
Type: Defensive
Learns: Claw, Cower, Growl
Diet: Bread, Fish, Fruit, Fungus

HP: Low (-4%)
Armor: High (+13%)
DPS: Low (-5%)

Model "crabskinivory" used by:

  • Encrusted Surf Crawler (9-10, Durotar) * Claw 2
  • Young Reef Crawler (10-11, Darkshore)
  • Reef Crawler (15-17, Darkshore)
  • Spined Crawler (20-21, Ashenvale)
  • Raging Reef Crawler (20-21, Darkshore)
  • Skittering Crustacean (22-23 Elite, Blackfathom Deeps) * Claw 3
  • Snapping Crustacean (23-24 Elite, Blackfathom Deeps) * Claw 3
  • Barbed Crustacean (25-26 Elite, Blackfathom Deeps) * Claw 4
  • Enraged Reef Crawler (30-32, Desolace)