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300 Sets IMAX Opening Records
Source: IMAX Corporation
March 13, 2007

IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that "300: The IMAX Experience" contributed a record-setting $3.6 million of the $70,855,301 that the film grossed at the domestic box office opening weekend. "300: The IMAX Experience" played in 62 domestic IMAX® theaters, while 300 played in 3103 locations across the country.

Directed by Zack Snyder, the Mark Canton/Gianni Nunnari Production launched midnight Friday with sold out performances in 57 IMAX locations, which added to the film's opening weekend per screen average of $58,000, a new record for a Hollywood IMAX title. 300 also shattered every opening weekend record for an IMAX Hollywood simultaneous release, playing to sell-out crowds around the country.

The film's box office domination led to 48 IMAX theatres reporting opening weekend records, and it also posted a staggering $700,000 in IMAX theatres on Monday, as the enthusiasm for the film continues. The film is booked in more than 25 international IMAX theatres, the first of which, Taiwan, opened this past weekend with outstanding results.

"We are beyond excited about the way moviegoers are responding to this incredible film," said Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures. "The IMAX Experience® offers audiences an ultra-exciting way to take in the thrills of the battle of Thermopylae, and we look forward to more crowds filling theatres in the coming weeks."

"'300's' initial box office performance demonstrates that visually stunning and exciting films continue to draw commercial audiences to IMAX theatres," said IMAX Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. "We've had a long and successful relationship with Warner Bros. Pictures, we are pleased to have an extraordinary film like '300' in the March slot of our 2007 film slate, and we hope the film continues to be a significant draw for the IMAX theatre network in the months ahead."

"Zack Snyder's amazing vision of Frank Miller's graphic novel has transported IMAX audiences directly into the excitement of '300,'" added Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "Our partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and our teams' joint marketing and distribution efforts have resulted in more audiences wanting to experience the '300' fever in IMAX's immersive format, and based on what we're hearing from our theatres and the opening weekend results, word of mouth about this fantastic film is spreading quickly."

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