March 14, 2007

ANN Part 10

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10 pages. And end of the first 90 minutes.

O: All Night Nippon, Theater Special.
J: Now you can be Doumyouji, too!

[ that’s the title of this section, by the way. ]

O: Although I do this section every week, I want to do something special this week. This started because I wanted the younger generation–our generation–to experience plays more, so tonight, as a special project, I thought we’d use the script from Hana Yori Dango 2–
J: Wow.
O: and, together with everyone,
J: Wow.
O: recreate a mini drama.
J: No.
O: Now, now, now. You can’t say no. Since you and I, Doumyouji and Rui, are already here, I thought we’ll ask the two fans who have sent us emails here to do a scene with us.
O: You and I, too, will pick a role to play.
J: You might I might be doing someone other than Doumyouji?
O: Yes. We might and…
J: No.
O: There, there, there. So we got this email, and I want to introduce them.
J: Go ahead.
O: Pollen 4 and Hana-Otoko from Tokyo!
J: Sounds funny.

[ The joke on their names are several layers thick.
First, for Pollen 4.
The 4 is pronounced in Japanese like foo, so… sounds familiar? yep, Hard Gay.
And Pollen is “kafun”… which, the second part, “fun” also means “shit”. So… yep, you guessed it. More allusion to Hard Gay.
And of course, the obvious one is F4 twisted to become “Pollen4″
Next, Hana-Otoko.
Obviously Hana comes from Hana Yori Dango.
But the -Otoko part is alluding to Densha Otoko.]

O: (He’s reading the email) “Good evening, Shunkerbell and Matsumoto Jun-san.”
OJ: Good evening.
O: “I’m a guy who would like to be an actor in your Theater Special. I’m involved in theater, so I emailed you, hoping I could be part of this. I live in dorm, so I often talk to other guys who also want to be actors.”
O: I suppose they’re in their dorm together listening to us. It just so happens that we’ve got our phone connected to them.
J: They’re together right now?
O: Yes. Let’s talk to them.
O (pick up phone): Hello?
Guy 1: Hello.
O: Good evening.
G1: Good evening.
J: That’s really a really high voice.
O: Can you tell us your name?
G1: I’m Pollen 4.
O: And?
J: Who’s the other guy?
Guy 2: I’m Hana-Otoko.
O: What’s wrong with youguys?
G1: Just a bit nervous…
O: You’re nervous, huh. So, are you two in a dorm together?
G1: Yes.
J: How old are you two?
G1: Um… 17.
O: 17?
G2: I’m 18.
O: So you’re both high school seniors living in dorms?
G1: Yes.
G1: Oh, and I’m almost 18.
O: SO Matsujun-kun is here with me today.
J: Hello.
G1: H-Hello.
O: He’s Jun-kun.
J: Nice to meet you.

O: Do you have anything you want to ask him?

G1: Um… do actors put on perfume and stuff after bath?
J: What kind of question is that?!
O: So you’ve been wondering about that, huh.
J: Unbelievable. But there are people who use perfume and who don’t, even if they aren’t actors, right?
O: So that was Pollen 4 who asked, wasn’t it?
G1: Yes. I’m Pollen 4.
O (to Jun): So, do you?
J: Yes, I do.
O: You even use bathing powder, don’t you?
[ The bathing powder Oguri is talking about is stuff you put on bath. I think it might be a Japanese thing… but these powders are suppose to create mini-hot springs in your home with similar health effects (relieve stress). Some of them have frangrance, and they smell really nice. Totally unrelated, but these bathing powders are awesome for your acne. ]
J: Yeah, I do. Especially when I’m working on a drama.

O: He said he does. So Hana-Otoko-san, do you have something you want to ask?

G2: Ah, yes. Um… weight training…
O: What about weight training?
J: What? What did you say?
G2: Weight training…
J: What about weight training?
G2: Do you do it?
J: Do I? Sometimes.
G2: I see. I asked because you have a really good figure.
[ is “figure” a right word for guys? lol ]
J: Thank you.
O: Thanks. [ not sure what he’s thanking for… ]
J: Thank you very much.

O: By the way, do you have a specific role you want to be? If we’re going to do it?
J: Yeah, if we’re going to do this together? Which one of the F4?
G1: I want to be Rui.
O: Pollen 4 wants to be Rui. What about you, Hana-Otoko-san?
G2: The arrogant Doumyouji.
O: The arrogant one, huh.
J: The arrogant one, haha.

O: I see. So do you have anything else you want to ask? Or anything you know about him that you don’t think many people know?
G1: Um… yes.
O: What is it?
J: What could you possibly know?
G1: I think… you wore a… red coat today. Just a guess though.
O: A red coat?
J: What does he mean?
G1: Sorry if I’m wrong. [ playing the apologetic Japanese here, totally. ]
O: But you were wearing a red coat when you were filming today.
J: Yeah.
G1: Oh, phew. I was right.
JO: What? What? What??
G1: I thought for sure you would have been wearing it.
O: Were you watching us?
J: Were you at Ebisu today?
G1: Oh, you were at Garden Place? Yay!
OJ: What? What? What??
J: What are you trying to say?
[ ah, now I’m glad I translated the filming location report first. Now you’ve got a context to understand this in. There were a lot of people at Ebisu that day, so Jun can’t figure out who G1 and G2 are yet… ]

O: So anything else?

G1: Um… you had… curry and pork for dinner.
O: How do you know so much?!
J: I did!
J: I did, and I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on here.
J: I had a filming session at night for TBS so I came, had my makeup done, and changed into my outfit. I also had takeout dinner then, and that consisted of curry and pork.
O: The tonkatsu, right? [ tonkatsu is deep fried pork. SO good but SO bad for you…lol ] I had that too.
J: I ate that, but the only people there were the F4, and the stylist, and the make-up artist, and… the costume manager.
J: Do you get what I’m saying?
O: Yeah. Go on.
J: And who are you guys? Pollen 4 and Hana-Otoko.
G1: I’m Pollen 4.
G2: I’m Hana-Otoko.
J: Yeah, I got that already! I got that, but aren’t you two a little too strange? You know too much.
G2: No… it’s just, I happen to have curry and pork tonight too.
J: I’m goign to take a blind guess… a completely blind guess and say that we were just together until few minutes ago.
J: Right? Am I right?

O: Seems like it.
G1: Eh? But we’ve been in our dorm all this time.
J: Where’s the dorm?
G1: Um… at Nippon Broadcasting.
J: NIppon Broadcasting is right here. There’s no dorm here, is there?
O: Nope.
G1: I guess… so…
J: You guess so? That voice sounded a bit like Tomiura Satoshi-kun, doesn’t it? [ Tomiura = Susumu ]
O: Yeah.
J: I bet these two are…
J: I mean, I thought something like this might happen. I was coming here, and i thought those two would come. But they acted like they didn’t know anything. When I asked about it, they gave me a clueless look, like “what the hell are you talking about” kind. Well, they’re here now.
O: Let’s introduce them! We never told Jun-kun but I asked them to come here!

O: Matsuda Shota-kun who plays Nishikado Soujirou and Abe Tsuyoshi-kun who plays Mimasaka Akira of the F4 in HYD2!
Shota & Abe: Good evening!!
SA: You tricked us!
J: What did you think you were doing?
SA: We got tricked, dammit!
O: When… did you realize it?
J: When? Well… for starters, the red coat tripped some alarm, didn’t it?
O: Was the question too direct?
J: No, that’s not it. So today, I thought something like this might happen so I set a trap.
J: When Shota was about to leave, I thought hm… maybe he’ll come… so I said “See you later.” But he ignored me and just left.
A: ooooh~
J: But then, Abe-kun overreacted, like “What?! What was that??!!” So I thought maybe… it’s going to happen.
O: Tonton!!
S: Tonton!!
A: But!! But it was weird if he said “later” right?
O: So that was when you said “Huh? Me? I’m still here” or something, right?
J: Yeah, so he said that to Shun, and I thought something must be up.
S: You two were talking, so I didn’t know if I should leave or not.
O: Know how we were filming together today? So there was this suspense in the air where everyone was hoping no one would say “see you later” when it got to the time to leave..
J: All 3 of you were in this?
O: Yep. More like, everyone knew.
J: So you were trying to keep me in the dark.
O: Just you.
J: So that’s why, just when I’m about to leave, Mishiro-san and Mao-chan and Komikado-san suddenly showed up.
O: Yep. Everyone came to see you off.
J: (If I’m going to name everyone that showed up) I might as well just list everyone in the cast and crew right here.

O: So you didn’t know these two were coming, but…
J: Can I just leave now?
O: No, you can’t!
J: Then let’s get started!
O: Yes. We four would like to bring you all a special project after this commercial.

– commercial –

The F4 cracks me up. And I just realized today is March 14. Happy White Day!


  1. LOL! Man they’re just like the F4 in real life too! I think its great they all get on so well. I can sort of see why they’d want to do another sequel actually. I mean everyone gets on really well which is absolutely lovely!

    Comment by Sarah — March 14, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

  2. bwahahahaha!!!…OMG!!…JUN got PUNKED!!…oh well okay..almost!!…darn ABE!!!…hahahaha!!…i sooooo LOVE them!!..so funny and all that…love their camaraderie…and i LOVE YOU TOO LILY!!!…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!…

    Comment by fx8uin — March 14, 2007 @ 2:36 pm

  3. I love the F4 in real life. Jun sure was resistant in the beginning, but I guess it was a trap from the very beginning…hahahaha!

    Comment by Joanna — March 14, 2007 @ 2:46 pm


    Comment by Sana — March 14, 2007 @ 2:56 pm

  5. OMG!!! YOU translated this too??? thank you!!! take a rest…u did too much in one day~~~ 最高 lady~

    Comment by Spica — March 14, 2007 @ 3:00 pm

  6. thank you!!! i’ve been waitng for this

    Comment by vina — March 14, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

  7. thank you lily! as always.

    Comment by J W — March 14, 2007 @ 5:13 pm

  8. Thank you!! This was hilarious. :D

    Comment by diana — March 14, 2007 @ 5:30 pm

  9. Hana-Otoko - flower man?
    Pollen 4… flower-4… bwhahaha!!!

    Comment by meechan — March 15, 2007 @ 5:58 pm

  10. Coolie! Thanks! Abe almost blew the plan, lol.

    Comment by punkroxta — March 16, 2007 @ 4:06 am

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