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2003 [7th] Japan Media Arts Festival
Award-winning Works
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Manga Division

Grand Prize KAJIMUNUGATAI Excellence Prize HELTER SKELTER Excellence Prize TENZIN-SAN Excellence Prize MUSHISHI Excellence Prize BAKA-KYOUDAI Encouragement Prize JUNKISSA NOKORIBI

Excellence Prize
Excellence Prize MUSHISHI
Young persons/General Manga
Artist : URUSHIBARA Yuki
Excellence Prize MUSHISHI


Born on January 23 in Yamaguchi.
Blood type is "O".
Won a Grand-prix of Afternoon Four seasons award in 1988, then began a serial comic "MUSHISHI" in Afternoon's seasonal extra number as her debut.
Serialized the award winning "MUSHISHI" in Monthly Afternoon on alternate months.
Awardees' Profile
[ Comment ]
I am very pleased to receive such a fine award. I would like to thank and share the delight with (title unknown) Miyazaki, the editor-in-charge who has worked with me on this story for a long time, the editorial staff of Afternoon who tolerates my being a slow writer, and my friends, who always help me. Thank you very much.
[ Reason for Award ]
This comic book depicts with fine feeling the world of good old Japan where nature was thriving everywhere. Rain and snow falling over a village located deep in the mountains, people and animals living quietly veiled with a drifting fog and morning haze, and strange insects half-hidden among them. The author's accurate description and expression irresistibly engage readers into her unreal, fantastic world.
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