Colorado House Districts

Colorado State House Map - 2002
To display a district, pick the district from drop down menu, and clicking the Add button will add it to the map. If the map becomes slow, Clear All Lines will remove all districts from the map, which will generally restore order. If you choose western districts, this will slow down the map in comparison to urban districts. This is caused when mountain ranges are used borders which take a large amount of lines to produce correctly with Google Maps.
The markers are numbered by district to prevent any confusion over which district is which. The outline of the district and the color of the marker indicate the current affiliation of the senator elected to the seat. If you click on the marker, a window will appear that has a link that will take you a page with the representative's district map and information about that district.

After the 2004 elections, Democrats now control the House 35-30. The Democrats gained seven seats in the 2004 elections, giving them a five seat advantage in the lower chamber. Andrew Romanoff, of District 6, is currently the Speaker of the House, and Mike May of District 44 is the Minority Leader following the retirement of Joe Stengel from that position in March of 2006.
In 2006, the challenge for the Democrats is to hold their seats from the 2004 election. Jefferson County will likely be critical in this regard, as there are two seats with strong challenges. In addition, Republicans have taken to running Senators for the House Representatives. This is legal even if the Senator was a Representative beforehand, since the term limits will reset after 8 years, allowing people to cycle back and forth between chambers if so inclined.

If there are any problems with this map, please let webmaster know of the error. As always, due to errors between the data and Google Maps, these maps should not be taken as definitive proof of one's current representatives.

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