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Songs, poems, activities for school themes for primary and early childhood teachers

The following poems and songs are from teachers from my Kinder Korner mail ring, some are from papers I have found in files, and some created while driving in the car.  There are songs for calendar, back to school, rules, and more.

                       Poems and Songs -Calendar.  

                                                  CALENDAR SONGS

(Tune:  If you are happy and you know it)                         (Tune:  Twinkle, Twinkle )

If your happy that it's Monday clap your hands,              When we do the calendar,

If your happy that it's Monday clap your hands            We learn the month, the date, the year.

If your happy that it's Monday,                                         Every week day has a name

If your happy that it's Monday,                                      There are lots of numbers that look the

If your happy that it's Monday                                                 same,

Clap your hands.                                                            So let's begin to show you how

                                                                                      We do the calendar right now.






Dr.Jean Feldman. CD available through drjean.org. 

      (Tune:  Adams Family)


      Days of the week (snap, snap)                   

                                              Days of the week (snap, snap)

Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (snap, snap)

                                             There's Sunday and there's Monday,

                                              There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday,

                                               There's Thursday and there's Friday,

  And then there's Saturday.

                                              Days of the week, (snap, snap)

                                               Days of the week, (snap, snap)

   Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (snap, snap)



Sunday, Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, a week.

Saturday, Friday,

Thursday, Wednesday,

Tuesday, Monday,

Sunday, a week.

First day, second day,

Third day, fourth day,

Fifth day, sixth day,

seven days a week.

1 day, 2 days,

3 days, 4 days

5 days, 6 days,

7 days, a week.

Some days - school days,

Some days, - play days,

Some days, - holy days,

Seven days - a week.

Some days - sunny days,

Some days - rainy days,

Some days - snowy days,

Seven days a week.

Some days - work days,

Some days - play days,

Some days - holidays,

Seven days a week.

   By Bill Martin, Jr. 





  Sunday, Sunday

     I like Sunday,

Sunday, the first day of the week.

Monday, Monday,

    I like Monday,

Monday the second day of the week.

Tuesday, Tuesday,

     I like Tuesday,

Tuesday the third day of the week.

Wednesday, Wednesday

      I like Wednesday

 Wednesday the fourth day of the week.

Thursday, Thursday

      I like Thursday,

Thursday the fifth day of the week.

Friday, Friday,

      I like Friday,

Friday the sixth day of the week.

Saturday, Saturday,

     I like Saturday,

Saturday the seventh day of the week.



Calendar Song - Today Is.....

    (Tune:  Twinkle Twinkle)

Good Morning, Good Morning

Can be clapped or used jumping rope.

Today is Monday (month) (day)  (ie. April 10th),

                                                  What a great day for all to see,

                                                 Children, teachers in our school,

                                                 Learning, playing, following rules,

                                                  Today is  (date. month and day)

                                                   What great day for all to see.







Good morning, good morning!

School has begun.

Good morning, good morning!

Isn't it fun.

Pencils, crayons, scissors and glue.

Erasers, paper, reading books, too.

Good morning, good morning!

School has begun.

Good morning, good morning!

Isn't it fun!




                             MONTH POEMS

 JANUARY                          FEBRUARY

January                                              Famous birthdays

How many days?                                     Valentines

Thirty-one!                                           from Guess Who?

A new year has just begun!                         Hearts that say

Put on your sweater!                                 Arizona's birthday

Wiggle your toes!                                     Yes sir-ee!

Put on your mittens!                                  February is the month for me

And blow your nose!                                  28 days (no more)

Shiver, shiver, shiver SHAKE!                      Except one year in four

January!  BURRRRRRR                                     Leap year!                            


MARCH                         APRIL


M-A-R-C-H  - M-A-R-C-H                     A-P-R-I-L  - A-P-R-I-L

January, February                                 Cold has gone away!

March, March, March                              Warm and sunny day!

St. Patrick's Day wear green                     Flowers bloom,

Mark that day  "17"                               Swimming soon!

Wind blows (whooooooo)                             Spring is here to stay!      

Melting snows (slosh, slosh)                         Hey!

On twenty-one

Spring comes!

Thirty-one days in March.




                M-A-Y  -  M-A-Y     

            Summer is near

          Baseball and swimming

         Vacation's almost here!

              31 days

        Hop, skip and play days!

       This is the month of May.


                         BACK-TO-SCHOOL SONGS-POEMS

 Welcome to a New Year

    Tune: The More we Get Together

_______ _________ Class

(name)  (grade)

Tune:  It's a Small World

Welcome to a new year, a new year, a new year. 

Welcome to a new year; 

Our fun's just begun!

We're now in the ______ grade,

There are friends to be made.

Welcome to a new year; our

fun's just begun.

(Mailbox, September Ideas)





We will study hard and we'll make new friends,

There's so much to do 'till the school year ends,

We will read, write and spell 

And do math very well in Ms/Mr.

________'s ______ grade class.

In Ms/Mr. _____ ___ grade class

In Ms. Mr. ___ __ grade class.

In Ms. Mr. ___ __ grade class

There's so much for us to do.


    Rules Poem    Rules Rap  Activity Extensions
  We raise our hands to speak,

   We work quietly in our seats,

We use voices soft and sweet,

We keep our places tidy and neat,

We are helpful, friendly and fair,

We take turns and we share.





Rules can be helpful, 

Rules can be good,

They help us behave the way we should,

We follow the rules

And don't do wrong,

The world's a happier place,

When we all get along.






1.  Make a rules book to take home the first week.  Write one rule at the bottom of each page.  Children illustrate the rules above the sentence.

2.  Brainstorm and web rules for your classroom.  

3.  Use the story about the wrinkled heart.  I cut a large red paper heart.  The children sit in a circle.  We talk about hurtful things.  As they list each hurtful thing, I wrinkle the heart one time.  At the end, the heart is opened to show the wrinkles.  This is a very powerful visual for the kids. 




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                                     TEACHER RESOURCE BOOKS

Autumn Activities Seasonal Projects for Kids (1994) Denise Bieniek, Troll Publications.

Spanish Piggyback Songs (1995), Totline Press

More Spanish Piggyback Songs, (1984) Totline Press

Mailbox September Month ideas (1996) Education Center.  This company also has monthly magazines, Teacher's Helper for all grade levels.  

Dr. Jean Feldman - Web address. http://www.drjean.org  music, information, and more!

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