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The Playmates Toys Original Action Figures Archive is as complete as I can get it at this time with the resources at hand. Unfortunately there are more than a few items missing, so if you have a toy that we don't have listed and wanna help us out, please submit it via e-mail as a .jpg or .gif to! Thanks!

Please note that we don't have any TMNT toys for sale. We wish that we did, but sadly we don't. We didn't think to stock up on stuff to sell on the web back in the day... but back in the day, there was no web! :)

For a comprehensive text-only list of the TMNT toys released, click here.

If you're interested in buying old TMNT toys, check your local newstand or major bookseller for a newspaper called Toy Shop. This paper contains tons of ads from collectible toy retailers from around the globe, so with any luck, some of them will have TMNT items for sale! If you prefer using the Web, is an excellent place to find fellow collectors (as well as retailers) selling Turtles toys. Search "TMNT" and "Ninja Turtles"to find tons of items.

If you're wondering what your TMNT toys might be worth, the best resources that I know of are the magazines Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review and Tomart's Action Figure Digest. Both are excellent resources for industry news and each contains a price guide in every issue. The magazines should be available at Barnes & Noble as well as a host of other chains and newstands. Well worth seeking out for toy enthusiasts and highly recommended!

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