email to employees

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From: Brendan Barnicle
To: All Employees
Importance: High

It is now 6:45 pm and there are only 12 people in our office.
We have 65 people that work here in Seattle. This is totally

This company has far too much very important work to do to
have virtually empty offices at 6:45 pm. If anyone thinks that
everything we need to do as a company can be accomplished within an
8 hour day, then I think they fail to understand the scope and
complexity of our venture. Anyone harboring such illusions should
seriously consider a career change. I am sure that I could point to
tasks for every single person in this company that would merit
working past 7 pm every single night.

We have an amazing lead on an outstanding business, but it will
not last forever and we must move faster. As some of you know, we
are lagging behind our revenue goals. We need everyone in
every department working every day to meet and exceed these goals.
We have similar goals in development, sales, business
development, marketing, operations and every other aspect of our

This is not a bank; this is not Boeing. This is a start-up and
we are all expecting to be rewarded for taking the risk of
a start-up. But, there will be no rewards without
exceptional effort.

Given the severity of the situation, I am putting strict
office hours into effect immediately. Until further notice,
all employees are required to be at their desk from 8am until
7pm, with 30 minutes for lunch. There are no exceptions. If you need
to leave early, then you must be at your desk earlier. I am very
sorry that we need to instill such strict guidelines. This is not
usually necessary at a start-up and when the work ethic here begins
to reflect that of a start-up, we can consider more flexibility in
our work hours.

Anyone who has an issue with this new requirement is free to
speak with me. But, there will be no exceptions.

Brendan Barnicle : Chair Lackey & Chief Financial Lackey
1520 Bellevue Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98122
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