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Ric Dalby

It's a classic story. Not so much boy meets girl, though, as boy gets raised by an abusive father, turns into a troublesome teenager, finds out he's the long-lost grandson of Alf Stewart (who really should be more careful over who he does and doesn't father) and then gets back on the rails thanks to the love of a good family. Oh, and then meets girl. Well, it's classic for Home and Away, at least.

With his problematic past well and truly behind him, Ric (that's short for Eric, onomatology fans) has settled into a fairly typical routine for a lad of his age. He's a keen sportsman and is always up for a good time. He formed his first great friendship in Summer Bay when he helped Cassie deal with a dark secret from her past. This blossomed into a love affair. Unfortunately, said romance turned pear-shaped almost as soon as he'd taken the condom off. This was made all the more difficult thanks to the fact that they both lived under Sally's roof at the time; Flynn's untimely departure; the arrival of Belle; a budding relationship with Matilda; and because Cassie probably still blows his little socks off. We suspect she she still feels the same way...

Ric Dalby is played by Mark Furze

The part of Ric Dalby was a huge break for Mark, who joined Home and Away while still at school in a country town. He got his taste for drama through school musicals and was a member of a local theatre company. It was during a school performance that he was discovered by the mother of a casting agent.

Mark's biggest role to date is his current job as a Home and Away cast member. "Joining the cast of Home and Away was very daunting at first, but I am really enjoying it" he says. "No one made me feel like a stranger and everyone made an effort to help me through the 'new kid at school phase'."

Mark is currently involved in two bands; his musical tastes vary but he's a metal kid at heart. He admires actor Brad Pitt because of the different roles he plays and for his film choices. When he isn't playing guitar or learning his lines. Mark is usually out and about with his skateboard.