Where is the camp?

Iten, Kenya. This small village is the centre of the Kenyan running community. It was here that Henry Rono, Richard Chelimo, Sally Barsosio, Rueben Kosgei, Wilson Kipketer and a host of other Olympic and World Champion and record holders trained.

Sitting 20-miles from from the town of Eldoret, and a mile from Iten, the camp is in a district called Kamaring. A ten minute jog from the camp and you arrive at the stadium where Richard Chelimo trained daily before his 1993 World Record. Any direction you care to run in will be an ideal running route - soft trails on dirt roads!

It is impossible not to meet ruuners from the world's elite! Seemingly on every corner there is a runner who has attained a status on the running circuit. It is ideal for not only trying to meet the world's best training partners but also inspirational for those who wish to just soak up the Kenyan experience.

Two mile down the road there is the St. Patrick's High School - the most famous running school in the world. During the Christmas holiday's Brother Colm O'Connell holds his training camps at this school. It is the breeding ground for athletes in the district and the alumni has more Olympic distance running participants than most countries. In the Seoul Olympic Games ten runners from this school represented Kenya!

For those people wishing to combine culture with sports it is easy to combine a safari with a vacation in Iten. There is major safari park just an 1 1/2-hr drive away. But be warned Iten is enchanted with its natural beauty, you will find it tough to leave the place!

The Kamaring Stadium. The track is perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, a spectacular view over the valley is seen from the far side of the track.