Dora Young Knotless Tatting

Also known as Split Chain
An Introduction to the Knotless Tatting

By Wally Sosa

Who's Dora Young?

Dora Young is an American designer who patented a technique by which a bridging mock chain could be made to avoid having to end off between rounds using cut and tie. It is known as the Dora Young Knotless Method. The technique was published in her book, All New Knotless Tatting Designs (1975).

What is Knotless Tatting?

The knotless tatting technique involves the making of double stitches over a core thread without flipping them, therefore making the stitch directly onto the core thread.

What is Knotless Chain Method?

A technique where tatting may proceed from one element or round to the next via a bridging mock chain without ending off. After the bridging thread is anchored to another element, unflipped stitches or mock double stitches are formed from loops of the shuttle thread passed behind and front (under and over) the bridging thread.

What is Knotless Ring Method?

A technique that forms a ring from two discrete chains. While the first chain is normal the second is a knotless method chain. Both threads exit from the opposite side of the ring.

In the following drawings (from 1 to 7) show the traditional tatting method to make the rings and diagram 8 shows how a normal chain looks.

The sequence of the drawings 9 to 11 demonstrate the method to work the Knotless Tatting.

Dora Young book has been out of print for quite awhile, but the patent can be seen at:

Knotless Tatting Patent

For more information about Dora Young and her work, visit Heidi Nakayama's Web Site at:

Tat Krazy About Shuttles

Here is a Bookmark Pattern for you to practice the knotless tatting. Enjoy!

Bookmark Pattern

Definitions from: Tatting Dictionary by Judith Connor

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