Rabbit "Jacob"
Raccoon "Meeko"
Nameless Kangaroo
Rabbit "Rabbit" (from W. Pooh)
Raindeer "Rudolph"
Moose "Moosey"
Bear "Ursel"
  Hi there, I am Mryia the Jackalope and I'm modifying plushies. In fact, I create realistic- looking (and useable) SPHs for the plushophile who loves his plushie more than platonic.

Please forgive me my bad english, I'm not a natural speaker. Actually, I'm a 27-years old german furry and plushophile who loves plushies since I got my first one back in 1998. A year later I created my first SPH. In the following I trained my skills and from time to time I'll modify a plushie or two for other people.

Occassionally, I'll sell my works on Furbid to increase my small wage as a packer. But you can ask me for a commission at any time. :)

I've put together some samples of my work for your enjoyment. You can ask me questions at any time too.

FoxWolfie Galens page
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  If you want to see how I do my work, here is my

"illustrated how-to make a plushie anatomically correct."

I know that it is dumb to show you how to do it on your own when I want to sell this stuff, but anyway... It's more a hobby than a business.
But it would be very nice from you to donate for me if your own attempt was successful with the how-to's help. Be gentle, pet the jackalope. :)

Still haven't found the spoogy, raunchy, nasty, dirty yiff pictures? Okay, you can stop searching, they aren't here. But talking of spooge: Some plushophiles like their plushies stained. I for myself prefer my plushies clean. Using a condom or something like that will help :) Bla bla bla...
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One last thing: This november (2006) I sold two plushies, one famous raccoon called Meeko, and an anthro shaped rabbit, to the New York Museum of Sex. I don't know when there are exhibitioned, but if one of you are seeing them, please write me. :)
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