The First Four Ships
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The First Four Ships to arrive in Canterbury in 1850 carrying Immigrants
	The following list consists of 438 persons who were
    passengers in the first four ships to arrive in Canterbury New
    Zealand.  The ships were:-
          Charlotte Jane,   Cressy,  Sir George Seymour & Randolph
    Details of their voyages are as follows:-
    Charlotte Jane 730 tons, Captain Alexander Lawrence sailed from
    Plymouth on 7th September 1850, and arrived Lyttelton on 16th
    Sir George Seymour 850 tons sailed from Plymouth 8th September
    1850 and arrived Lyttelton 17th December.
    Cressy 720 tons sailed 7th September 1850 and arrived Lyttelton
    on 27th December 1850.
    Randolph 761 tons sailed Plymouth on 7th September 1850 and
    arrived also on 16th December 1850.
    "White Wings" states that a total of 782 emigrants left England in
    these four ships. That each ship carried a Chaplain and a
    schoolmaster, and included in the cargo was a printing press, a
    library of 2,000 books, a church organ, and several pre-fabricated
    houses in sections. Cabin passenger paid Stg 42 and Stg 25, whilst
    the 575 steerage passengers paid Stg 15.

	Please Note: This index was not compiled by myself and there is 
	no reference in the index to exactly what source the information
	was gained from.  Additions to this list of known immigrants are 
           Surname/First Name              Age    Ship
           ----------------------------    ---    -------------------
           ABERNETHY JAMES                 25     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ABRAHAM THOMAS                  42     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ABRAHAM MARYANN                 39     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ADAMS WILLIAM                   39     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLEN MARY                      36     CRESSY
           ALLEN ROBERT                    32     CRESSY
           ALLEN GEORGE                    46     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLEN ANN                       43     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLFREY ARABELLA                36     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLFREY GEORGE                  43     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLFREY MARYANN                 19     CHARLOTTE JANE
           ALLWRIGHT ANN                   32     CRESSY
           ALLWRIGHT HENRY                 35     CRESSY
           ANDERSON JANE                   29     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ANDERSON JOHN                   29     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ASHBY JOHN                      30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ASHBY ELIZA                     26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           AUSTEN THOMAS                   38     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           AUSTEN MARY                     33     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BAILEY JOSHUA                   38     RANDOLPH
           BAILEY MADELINE                 29     RANDOLPH
           BAKER SARAH                     31     CRESSY
           BAKER JAMES                     32     CRESSY
           BARKER ALFRED                   31     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BARKER EMMA                     29     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BARNES WILLIAM                  18     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BASSETT MARTHA                  11     RANDOLPH
           BAYFIELD ARTHUR                 ?      RANDOLPH
           BAYFIELD MATILDA                ?      RANDOLPH
           BEALBY RICHARD                  ?      RANDOLPH
           BEARD GEORGE                    24     CRESSY
           BEECHAM ALFRED                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BENNETT MARGARET                40     CRESSY
           BENNETT JOSEPH                  40     CRESSY
           BENNINGTON JOHN                 38     RANDOLPH
           BENNINGTON ANN                  32     RANDOLPH
           BEVAN JOHN                      35     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BEVAN HARRIETT                  28     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BILTON JOHN                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BIRCH JOHN                      24     CRESSY
           BISHOP MARY ANN                 27     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BISHOP EMMA                     23     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BLANCHARD RICHARD               ?      RANDOLPH
           BOBY E ?                        ?      RANDOLPH
           BOURN CHARLES                   19     RANDOLPH
           BOWEN GEORGINA                  40     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BOWEN CHARLES                   45     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BOWEN ANNE                      44     CHARLOTTE JANE
           BRADLEY HANNAH                  26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BRIDGE C J                      ?      RANDOLPH
           BRITTAN LOUISA                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BRITTAN WILLIAM                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BROUGHTON WILLIAM JOHN          20     CRESSY
           BROWN CHARLES                   34     RANDOLPH
           BROWN MARTHA                    37     RANDOLPH
           BRYANT WILLIAM                  29     RANDOLPH
           BRYANT ANN                      22     RANDOLPH
           BURCELL SAMUEL                  17     CRESSY
           BURKE MICHAEL                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           BUTTERFIELD JOSEPH              ?      RANDOLPH
           BYGH GEORGE                     24     CRESSY
           CAMPBELL JOHN                   42     RANDOLPH
           CAMPBELL FRANCIS                36     RANDOLPH
           CARLTON EDWARD                  20     CHARLOTTE JANE
           CAUGHEY HENRY                   22     CHARLOTTE JANE
           CHANEY EMMA                     17     RANDOLPH
           CHANEY SARAH                    42     RANDOLPH
           CHANEY WILLIAM                  18     RANDOLPH
           CHANEY WILLIAM GEORGE           47     RANDOLPH
           CHILDS FANNY                    29     CRESSY
           CHILDS JOSEPH                   36     CRESSY
           CHOLMONDELEY THOMAS             27     CHARLOTTE JANE
           CHOLMONDELEY CHARLES            19     CHARLOTTE JANE
           CHOWNES JOHN                    ?      RANDOLPH
           CHURCH ESTHER                   30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CHURCH ISRAEL                   31     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CLEAVER HENRY                   30     CRESSY
           CLEAVER EMMA                    30     CRESSY
           CLIFFORD MARIA                  48     CRESSY
           CLOTHIER SAMUEL                 26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CLOTHIER ANN                    27     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           COLE CHARLES                    21     CRESSY
           COLE EDWIN                      17     CRESSY
           COOKSON WENTWORTH               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CORFIELD REBECCA                20     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           COSLINS ELIZA                   26     RANDOLPH
           COSLINS THOMAS                  23     RANDOLPH
           COX JAMES GEORGE                18     RANDOLPH
           COX LOUISA                      24     RANDOLPH
           CRESSWELL THOMAS                36     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CRESSWELL JEMIMA                29     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CROMPTON THOMAS                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CROUCH CHERRY                   22     RANDOLPH
           CURLETT MARY A                  20     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CURLETT STEPHEN                 44     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CURLETT JANE                    44     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CURLETT JOHN                    16     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           CUTTING DAVID                   21     RANDOLPH
           DALTON GEORGE                   25     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DALTON ANN                      23     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DAVEY ELIZABETH                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DAVEY GEORGE                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DAVIE CYRUS                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DENTON ANNA                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DENTON JOHN                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DENTON WILLIAM                  18     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DENTON ARTHUR                   16     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DERRY WILLIAM                   22     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DERRY HANNAH                    28     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DICKIN JOSEPH                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DILLOWAY HANNAH                 38     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DILLOWAY JOHN                   37     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DIXON JOSEPH                    34     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DIXON MARY                      33     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DOBSON EDWARD                   33     CRESSY
           DOUTCH MARIA                    21     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DOWLER JOHN                     23     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DOWLING VIRGINIA                26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           DUDLEY REV W B                  44     CRESSY
           DUDLEY MRS W B                  40     CRESSY
           DUFFELL JANE                    31     CRESSY
           DUFFELL WILLIAM                 38     CRESSY
           DUNCAN T S                      ?      RANDOLPH
           DUNCAN MRS T S                  ?      RANDOLPH
           DUREY ELIZABETH                 48     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DUREY JOHN                      16     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DUREY GEORGE                    18     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DUREY GEORGE                    46     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           DURNFORD ELIZABETH              33     CRESSY
           DURNFORD EDWARD                 14     CRESSY
           DURNFORD WILLIAM                35     CRESSY
           EARLE MRS                       ?      RANDOLPH
           EARLE G W                       ?      RANDOLPH
           EATON JAMES                     38     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           EATON MARY                      38     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           EVANS ROBERT                    24     CRESSY
           EVANS SARAH                     23     CRESSY
           FAULKNER JOHN                   36     CRESSY
           FAWCETT THOMAS                  31     CHARLOTTE JANE
           FAWCETT MARY                    29     CHARLOTTE JANE
           FENDALL WALPOLE C               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           FERGUSON MARGARET               23     CHARLOTTE JANE
           FERGUSON DONALD                 40     RANDOLPH
           FINCH EMMA                      15     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
          *FISHER JAMES			   22	  CHARLOTTE JANE
           FITCH MARGARET                  26     RANDOLPH
           FITCH MR                        ?      RANDOLPH
           FLEMING RICHARD                 ?      RANDOLPH
           FLEMING MRS R                   ?      RANDOLPH
           FORD MARIA ANN                  18     CRESSY
           FORD EMILY                      16     CRESSY
           FORD REBECCA                    14     CRESSY
           FORD MARY                       39     CRESSY
           FORD WILLIAM AMBROSE            39     CRESSY
           FOULKES THOMAS                  35     RANDOLPH
           FREE KERRY                      15     RANDOLPH
           FREE MARY                       30     RANDOLPH
           FREE JOHN                       35     RANDOLPH
           FROST WILLIAM JOHN              30     CRESSY
           FROST JANE                      22     CRESSY
           GALE MRS Q                      22     CRESSY
           GALE QUINTON                    29     CRESSY
           GAMMACK JAMES                   25     CRESSY
           GARLICK WILLIAM                 20     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           GARLICK SARAH                   19     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           GEDDES ANDREW                   30     CHARLOTTE JANE
           GOSLING WILLIAM                 30     RANDOLPH
           GOSLING LUCY                    30     RANDOLPH
           GRAHAM THOMAS                   41     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           GRAHAM MARY                     39     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           GRIFFIN EDWARD                  26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           GRIFFIN MARY                    24     CHARLOTTE JANE
           GRUB MARY                       30     CHARLOTTE JANE
           GUNNING MATILDA                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HALLIDAY ELLEN                  28     CRESSY
           HAMBLIN GEORGE                  25     CRESSY
           HAMER JOHN                      18     CRESSY
           HARMAN RICHARD                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HARPER ELIZABETH                22     RANDOLPH
           HARPER JOHN                     26     RANDOLPH
           HARRISON T H                    ?      RANDOLPH
           HART MICHAEL                    35     CRESSY
           HART MARY ANN                   34     CRESSY
           HAWARD ?                        ?      RANDOLPH
           HAWARD MRS                      ?      RANDOLPH
           HEWETT EMMA                     19     CRESSY
           HEWETT THOMAS                   25     CRESSY
           HEWITT CHARLES                  30     CRESSY
           HIGHAM ELIZA                    24     CRESSY
           HIGHAM WILLIAM                  25     CRESSY
           HILL JOSEPH                     36     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HILL JOHN                       14     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HILL JAMES                      16     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HILL ANN                        34     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HOGGIN JAMES                    24     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HOOK JAMES                      20     CRESSY
           HOPWOOD THOMAS                  20     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           HORRELL JOHN                    28     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HORRELL ELIZABETH               24     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HUGHES SAMUEL                   26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HUGHES MARY                     26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           HURRY WILLIAM                   32     CRESSY
           INWOOD GEORGE T                 17     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           INWOOD MARY A                   40     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           INWOOD DANIEL                   46     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           IRELAND SUSANNAH                21     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JACOBS EMILY                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JACOBS REV HENRY                ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JEFFREYS JOHN                   24     RANDOLPH
           JEFFS ELIZABETH                 25     CHARLOTTE JANE
           JEFFS BENJAMIN                  24     CHARLOTTE JANE
           JEFFS MARY                      26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           JEFFS CHARLES                   24     CHARLOTTE JANE
           JENKINS FREDRICK                22     RANDOLPH
           JOHNSON HANNAH                  22     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JOHNSON JOHN                    24     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JONES HENRY                     27     CRESSY
           JONES FRANCIS                   25     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JONES WILLIAM                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           JONES MRS H                     28     CRESSY
           JONES ELEANOR                   20     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           KENT THOMAS                     23     CRESSY
           KENT MARY                       24     CRESSY
           KENT JOSEPH                     17     CRESSY
           KERRIDGE CHARLES                19     RANDOLPH
           KILSBY JOHNSON                  21     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           KING MARTHA                     35     CRESSY
           KINGDON SOPHIA                  18     CHARLOTTE JANE
           KINGDON REV GEORGE              36     CHARLOTTE JANE
           LAKE ALFRED                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LANE WILLIAM                    32     RANDOLPH
           LANG MARY                       26     RANDOLPH
           LANG JAMES                      23     RANDOLPH
           LARAMAN PHILIP                  18     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LARKHAM PHILIP                  16     CHARLOTTE JANE
           LAWRENCE WILLIAM                18     CRESSY
           LEE JULIUS PARSONS              ?      RANDOLPH
           LEWIS ANN                       39     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LEWIS THOMAS                    38     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LEWIS ELIZABETH                 17     CHARLOTTE JANE
           LITTLE GEORGE                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LITTLE HENRY                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           LUXFORD SARAH                   34     RANDOLPH
           LUXFORD JAMES                   35     RANDOLPH
           LUXFORD JANE                    36     RANDOLPH
           MACFARLANE DUGALD               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MACFARLANE MARY ANN             ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MARKS FRANCIS                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MARKS MARY ANNE                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MARLEY MARY                     37     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MARLEY WILLIAM                  34     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MARRIOT BENJAMIN                28     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MATHEW JOHN                     ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MCCARDELL JAMES                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MCCORMICK WILLIAM               27     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MCCORMICK JANE                  37     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MCLEAN JOHN                     26     RANDOLPH
           MILNE CATHERINE                 25     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MOORE CHRISTOPHER               16     CRESSY
           MOULDY HENRY                    17     CRESSY
           MOULDY MOSES                    38     CRESSY
           MOULDY SOPHIA                   14     CRESSY
           MOULDY ELEANOR                  37     CRESSY
           MOUNTFORT MARY                  21     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MOUNTFORT B W                   26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MOUNTFORT EMILY                 21     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MOUNTFORT SUSSANNA              22     CHARLOTTE JANE
           MUNNS ESTHER                    41     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MUNNS HENRY                     40     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           MURDEN WILLIAM                  18     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           NEIL ELIZABETH                  23     RANDOLPH
           NEWNHAM WILLIAM                 36     CHARLOTTE JANE
           NIPPRISS LOUISA                 22     CHARLOTTE JANE
           NIPPRISS HENRY                  28     CHARLOTTE JANE
           NORMAN WILLIAM                  27     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           NORMAN FANNY AMELIA             25     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           OAKENFULL GEORGE                16     CRESSY
           OAKENFULL HENRY                 17     CRESSY
           OLDFIELD HARRIET                35     CRESSY
           OLDFIELD WILLIAM                38     CRESSY
           ORCHARD MAY                     25     RANDOLPH
           ORCHARD WILLIAM                 37     RANDOLPH
           PARISH WILLIAM                  34     CRESSY
           PARISH HANNAH                   30     CRESSY
           PARISH JOHN                     38     CRESSY
           PARKES HORATIO                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PARLBY ?                        ?      RANDOLPH
           PATRICK JOSEPH                  35     CRESSY
           PATRICK ALICE                   30     CRESSY
           PAYTON WILLIAM                  26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           PAYTON EMMA                     24     CHARLOTTE JANE
           PEACH CONIFER                   20     CRESSY
           PEEL F F                        ?      RANDOLPH
           PERRY FREDRICK                  25     RANDOLPH
           PHILIPS HENRY                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PHILIPS MRS H                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PHILLIPS FREDERICK              ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PHILLPOT JOHN                   34     RANDOLPH
           PHILLPOT JANE LUCY              29     RANDOLPH
           PHILLPOT MARY                   32     RANDOLPH
           PHILLPOT ISAAC                  36     RANDOLPH
           PICKERING GEORGE WILLIAM        18     CRESSY
           PLEASE HANNAH                   23     RANDOLPH
           POLLARD DAVID                   16     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PORTER DAVID                    22     CRESSY
           PRESLEY SAMUEL                  24     CRESSY
           PRESLEY SUSSANNAH               28     CRESSY
           PRESLEY HENRY                   30     CRESSY
           PRIOR FREDERICK                 26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           PUCKLE MRS E                    ?      RANDOLPH
           PUCKLE REV EDWARD               ?      RANDOLPH
           PURSGLOVE ?                     ?      CHARLOTTE JANE
           PURSGLOVE ?                     ?      CHARLOTTE JANE
           PURVIS JAMES                    28     CRESSY
           PYE JOHN THOMAS                 21     RANDOLPH
           QUAIFE MARY A                   33     CRESSY
           QUAIFE JOHN                     38     CRESSY
           RANKIN GEORGE                   23     CRESSY
           RANSOM ?                        ?      RANDOLPH
           RANWORTH WILLIAM                28     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           RANWORTH ELIZABETH              27     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           READ HENRY WILLIAM              24     CRESSY
           RICHARDS AMELIA                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           RICHARDS JOSEPH                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           RICHARDS HENRY                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ROBINSON ISABELLA               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ROOKE LEONARD                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ROSSITER MARY ANN               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ROSSITER PETER                  ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           ROTHERAY ABIGAIL                ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           RUSSELL ELIZABETH               ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           RUSSELL JOHN                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           SAFFREY WILLIAM                 18     CRESSY
           SAIL JAMES                      31     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SALT RICHARD ELI                31     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           SALT HANNAH                     31     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           SCHOLES JOSEPH                  17     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           SHARP ELLEN                     23     CRESSY
           SHARP CHARLES WILLIAM           25     CRESSY
           SHEPARD EDWARD                  30     RANDOLPH
           SHEPARD SARAH                   32     RANDOLPH
           SHRIMPTON JOHN INGRAM           17     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SIMPSON HARRIETT                27     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SIMPSON JOSEPH                  32     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SLEATH WILLIAM                  26     RANDOLPH
           SLOANE JAMES                    23     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SLOANE GEORGE JAMES             28     CHARLOTTE JANE
           SMART SARAH                     39     RANDOLPH
           SMART WILLIAM                   45     RANDOLPH
           SOAR GEORGE                     36     RANDOLPH
           SOAR SARAH                      38     RANDOLPH
           STACE MARY                      38     CRESSY
           STACE HUGH                      35     CRESSY
           STANLEY MARY                    19     RANDOLPH
           STANLEY JOHN                    23     RANDOLPH
           STEEL JOHN                      19     RANDOLPH
           STODDART ?                      ?      RANDOLPH
           STODDART ?                      ?      RANDOLPH
           STOKES SARAH                    35     RANDOLPH
           STOKES WILLIAM                  32     RANDOLPH
           STORER EDWARD                   26     RANDOLPH
           STORER ANN                      29     RANDOLPH
           STOUT JAMES                     27     CHARLOTTE JANE
           STOUT ISABELLA                  20     CHARLOTTE JANE
           STUBBS JOHN                     30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           STUBBS MARY                     30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           TAYLER GEORGE                   20     CHARLOTTE JANE
           TAYLOR CHARLOTTE                39     CHARLOTTE JANE
           TAYLOR FRANCES                  ?      RANDOLPH
           TAYLOR JOSEPH                   45     CHARLOTTE JANE
           TAYLOR GEORGE                   25     RANDOLPH
           THACKER ELIZA                   30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           THACKER WILLIAM                 31     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           THORNTON JABEZ                  32     CHARLOTTE JANE
           TOOMATH EDWARD                  32     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND ALICIA                 58     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND WILLIAM                21     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND PRISCILLA              19     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND CHARLES                24     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND JAMES                  62     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND JAMES                  35     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND ELIZABETH              32     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           TOWNSEND MARY                   25     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND JOB                    32     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           TOWNSEND ROBERT                 18     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND ALICIA                 23     CRESSY
           TOWNSEND FRANCES                27     CRESSY
           TURNBULL JOHN J                 26     CHARLOTTE JANE
           VARYEX JANE                     30     CHARLOTTE JANE
           VARYEX JOHN                     39     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WADDINGHAM JAMES                24     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WAGHORN LOUISA                  32     RANDOLPH
           WAGHORN ARTHUR                  36     RANDOLPH
           WALKER ROGER                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WALKER LOUISA                   ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WALKER GEORGE                   16     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WALL SOPHIA                     21     RANDOLPH
           WALL GEORGE                     24     RANDOLPH
           WARD HENRY                      19     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WARD HAMILTON                   16     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WARD CHARLES                    ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WARD EDWARD R                   25     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WASHBOURNE HENRY                ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WASHBOURNE MARY                 ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WATKINS DANIEL                  58     CRESSY
           WATKINS JULIA MARIE             42     CRESSY
           WEBB ALEXANDER                  30     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WELSH DAVID                     24     CRESSY
           WHITE MARY A                    32     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WHITE CHARLES                   34     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WHITMORE ELIZABETH              38     CRESSY
           WHITMORE JOHN                   31     CRESSY
           WILKINSON FREDERICK             ?      SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WILLIAMS MARGARET               21     RANDOLPH
           WILLIAMS ISABELLA               42     RANDOLPH
           WILLIAMS MRS T                  34     RANDOLPH
           WILLIAMS JOHN                   41     RANDOLPH
           WILLIAMS THEODORE               38     RANDOLPH
           WILLIS GEORGE                   39     CRESSY
           WILLIS ELIZABETH                22     CRESSY
           WILLOCK REV W W                 ?      RANDOLPH
           WILLOCK MRS W W                 ?      RANDOLPH
           WILSON ROBERT                   35     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WILSON MARGARET                 32     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WINCHESTER HENRY                20     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WOOD W D                        ?      RANDOLPH
           WOODFORD ANN                    38     RANDOLPH
           WOODFORD RICHARD                39     RANDOLPH
           WORNALL JOHANNA                 26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WORNALL SAMUEL                  35     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WORNALL ESTHER                  29     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
           WORTLEY JAMES STUART            18     CHARLOTTE JANE
           WRIGHT EDWARD                   33     CRESSY
           WYATT BENJAMIN                  22     CRESSY
           YOUNGMAN HANNAH                 26     SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR
		*Details on the Fisher and Hooper entries were supplied by Tony Hopman  Ann Hooper was Harriet FISHER's sister.
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