home and away - cassie


Cassie Turner

The legend of Cassandra is that she was destined to know the truth of everything yet never be believed. And the same was true of our very own Cassie when she was a child. Her monster of an uncle sexually abused her and it took years upon years for her to come to terms with it all. Thankfully, this meek little mouse was chased away ages ago. By a sex kitten.

Do not be fooled by her heavenly smile: Cassie is anything but angelic. She may have more energy than a legion of Duracell bunnies and be a natural when it comes to making friends and influencing people, but Cassie has a wild and wanton streak. Sure, it can be lots of fun, but it can also create a whole lot of trouble.

Cassie used to be fiercely independent and headstrong, really knowing how to hold her own when it came to the boys of the Bay. After chewing up Ric and spitting out the pips, she quickly set her sights on at least one member of the school football team. However, she's now back together with a man, Macca, who used to thrash her as soon as look at her. He's keeping his fists to himself at the moment, but will he go back to his old ways? We're sure she'll know the truth before too long. Let's just hope people listen.

Cassie Turner is played by Sharni Vinson

Sharni has been performing from a very young age. She was a dancer when she was three years old and starred in an advert when she was seven. She also studied ballet for 10 years.

Though the role of Cassie in Home and Away is Sharni's first major television part, she appeared in many Australian productions such as The Big Arvo, Invincibles and Timmy's Place. In fact, she originally auditioned for the role of Martha.

In her spare time, Sharni takes dance and singing classes and travels to her grandfather's family farm south of Sydney. She has been going there ever since she was a five-year old, where she spent loads of time at the local pony club.