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John A. DeFrancisco

BiIl Was Introduced At The Request of Town and Two Villages

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Senator John A. DeFrancisco (R,C Syracuse) today announced that a bill he sponsored (S6534), and which if signed into law would transfer ownership and reassign maintenance responsibilities for State Route 31C and County Road 105 in the Jordan-Elbridge area, was passed by the New York State Senate. In addition, if the bill is signed into law, an engineering study would commence for renovation of the Village of Jordan bridge on Route 31C. Senator DeFrancisco introduced the legislation at the request of the Villages of Elbridge and Jordan, and the Town of Elbridge.

"The proposed exchange of ownership and maintenance responsibility of these roads makes good sense to each of the municipalities, Onondaga County and New York State," Senator DeFrancisco said. "It will also mean the New York State Department of Transportation can begin its work for the much needed repairs to the Jordan Bridge. I was glad to help bring the parties together and help build a consensus that led to an affordable agreement that is to everyone’s benefit."

The provisions of the bill would, if signed into law:

- transfer ownership and maintenance of Route 31C from New York State
to the Village of Elbridge from State Route 5 to the northern Village of
Elbridge line;

- transfer ownership and maintenance of Route 31C from New York State
to the Town of Elbridge from the northern Village of Elbridge line to the
southern line of the Village of Jordan;

- transfer ownership and maintenance of Route 31C from New York State
to the Village of Jordan from the southern Village of Jordan line to County
Road 105, known as the Jordan-Elbridge Road;

- transfer ownership and maintenance of two bridges on Route 31C that
cross Skaneateles Creek from New York State to Onondaga County;

- transfer ownership and maintenance of County Road 105, the Jordan-
Elbridge Road, from Onondaga County to New York State from Route 5
in the Village of Elbridge to Route 31C in the Village of Jordan.

In addition, the bill provides that portions of Route 31C that would be transferred to the Town of Elbridge could be closed permanently where they are unfit or unnecessary for travel. It also provides that any properties that would be denied access to a public highway by closure would be acquired or have access provided.

"As part of the agreements for transfers, the Town of Elbridge would permanently sever the two halves of State Route 31C by creating turnarounds at either side of the washed out section, which has a history of continually washing out," Senator DeFrancisco said. "The State will help the Town of Elbridge meet these costs of construction by reimbursing the town $55,000. In addition, the Town is also considering the possibility of using the northerly cul-de-sac as a fishing access site and using the old roadbed for a pedestrian/bicycle trail."

State Route 31C is a narrow two-lane road that winds its way through the valley formed by Skaneateles Creek and carries very little traffic. A portion of the embankment just north of the Elbridge line has failed resulting in the roadway being closed to through traffic. The required repairs would be very expensive and could result in environmental damage. As State Route 31C essentially serves to provide access to adjacent properties, it is more appropriate that the local municipalities assume ownership and responsibility for this roadway.

Onondaga County traditionally has had jurisdiction for bridges on town-owned roadways. Therefore, it is appropriate to transfer the two bridges on Route 31 C to the County.

The State will make the necessary improvements to State Route 31C and purchase the property on State Route 31C that can only be reached from the washed out section. The continuing washout of the roadway makes it unfeasible to continuing use of the property as a residence.

The New York State Department of Transportation is prepared to begin engineering studies for the purpose of renovating a third bridge which is also located on Route 31C within the Village of Jordan upon this legislation becoming law.

The bill was forwarded to the Assembly.


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