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Combat Zone Wrestling SeXXXy Eddy
Height: 6'1" on his back
Weight: 195lbs. (and 5lbs. of cockmeat)
Hometown: Very Long Beach, California
Finishing Move: Total Sexstacy
Association: None.

When SeXXXy Eddy was announced for Tournament of Death 3, CZW fans were at a complete loss for words, as they did not know what to expect. After a disappointing first round match against Ian Knoxx, fans already had an intense dislike for the Triple X Sex Express. However, in the second round, SeXXXy Eddy took on The Arsenal, and the two tour the house down. At one point, Eddy cut his an artery in his arm on a light tube, and blood began to squirt out of the wound. In a shocking CZW visual that will never be forgotten... SeXXXy Eddy began to DRINK from the fountain coming out of his arm! The CZW fans were now all over Eddy, and following the match, Zandig invited Eddy to be on Chri$ Ca$h's team at the Cage of Death!

Team Ca$h consisted of Chri$ Ca$h, SeXXXy Eddy, Nate Webb and JC Bailey. At Cage of Death 6, the team overcame the BLK OUT and won the tag team titles!

After Team Ca$h disbanded, SeXXXy Eddy went on to wrestle in a number of junior heavyweight matches, against stars such as Mike Quackenbush and Alex Shelley.

After Pandora's Box was formed, Nate Webb called upon Eddy's help, to which he obliged. The two went on to wrestle Pandora's Box on two seperate occasions. Following this, SeXXXy Eddy brought in LuFisto to take on Pandora herself.

After the battles between Pandora's Box had blown over, SeXXXy Eddy went on to challenge Niles Young for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship, at A Prelude to Violence... and won!

Although Eddy's title reign was a short one, there is no doubt that Eddy is still high up in the ranks of the junior heavyweight title scene, as at Last Team Standing, he challenges Jigsaw for the title!