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The Beta Page

Betas are versions of  games that are unfinished, in development, and are to be tested for hardware compatibility and bugs.  Betas are also a good way to look back into the early days of the game and see how it has progressed to completion.

There are both real public betas and fake betas featured here.


Real Betas

Duke Nukem 3D "Lame Duke"

Beta Released:  Janurary 29, 1997
Beta Compiled:  Janurary 3, 1995 (EXE Date is December 30, 1994)
lameduke.zip (4MB)

LameDuke was released on the 1st anniversary of the shareware release of Duke Nukem 3D.  It was released purly for the fans' amusement.  LameDuke carries a Duke Nukem II theme throughout the game and has countless little features that you can see how they developed into the final product a year afterwards.  Beware, the game is unstable and might not work on your system.

XenoPhage: Alien Bloodsport

Beta Released: December 29, 1995
xenobeta.zip (5.1MB)

The only public beta Apogee has released.   It was primarily released to find any hardware bugs in the game.  This beta of the game is much like shareware with no noticable differences.   The final shareware was released 4 months later.

Lame Shadow Warrior?

It doesn't look like this is going to happen.  The game was in development since 1993 and looked much different in the early days from the final product.   A few years ago, I emailed George Broussard a big list of reasons to release it, but I guess he didn't seem that interested.


Balls of Steel "Arcade Pinball" NEW

This demo was sent to Scott Miller in early 1995 which led to the publishing of Balls of Steel a few years later. This is a neat look at a very early version of the game.

EXE Compiled:  March 7, 1995

arcade_pinball.zip (795K)


Fake Betas

I have created a few of my own fake betas and have posted them on this site in the past.  I made these in my programming class at school.   I usually made a school version of the game and a  beta version of the game.   You can't get these anywhere else, so here they are!

Projectile Warrior  (Shadow Warrior 2 Beta?) NEW

Released:  April 2, 2002
projwarr.zip (435K)
Requires:  .NET Framework Runtime

Lo Wang is back!  This time he has to get his initial velocity correct to destroy the enemy!  You have four tries to throw Lo Wang's katana to win the game.  Includes Lo Wang Speak! This game was programmed in Visual Basic .NET as a lab assignment in Projectile Motion for CSE 141. Source code included!

Note: It is recommended to play with the background turned off, since it shows the game down.


dukebeta.jpg (10554 bytes)Duke Nukem 3D Registered Beta

Beta Released:   March 29, 1996
dukebeta.zip (45K)

I was tired of waiting for the registered version of Duke Nukem 3D, so I made my own!  This was programmed in Q-Basic and I slowed it down so it was playable on fast computers.  The game even has the Apogee Fanfare at the beginning. 

The game takes place in a spaceship in the 2nd episode.   Once Duke arrives he sees a giant hamster rolling around in a ball!  You play the hamster, not Duke in this game.  The goal is to roll over Duke without being hit by his RPGs and Pipe Bombs.  DukeTalk(tm) is even in this beta, and it is interactive!  Press T and type something to Duke, and he will say something back.


Prey Alpha

preybeta.jpg (13132 bytes)Beta Released:  April 26, 1998
prey.zip (38K)

In the ending screen of my Duke3D Beta I said "Coming Soon: Prey Alpha v.01".  I just put that in as a joke, but looking at it two years later, I decided to make it. The Prey Alpha was programmed in C++ in Notepad while I was on vacation in Florida in the Spring of '98.  The game is a text adventure of Talon Brave starting in Arizona and being abducted by aliens. You don't need a 3D Card for this version, it works with Monochrome! :)  There is also a MultiPrey (non-playable) demo included plus credits and PC Speaker sounds.




Duke Nukem Hangman v1.0

Beta Released: June 10, 1998

DNHang.zip (422K)

This is a game I made in my C++ class in 1998. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in WindowsXP since it uses VESA modes.  But you can look at the source code and all the images I used.  I used one of the first screenshots from DNF for the background and Duke Nukem himself was used as the "hangman".  A mouse it used to get around.






Duke Nukem Forawhile

Released: July 3, 1998

dnfaw.zip (64K)

This release is from 2D Realms and Peyank from #3DRealms.  Duke Nukem returns in a RPG!  Fight Phorpolian Soldiers, explore the (not very) vast maze of hallways, and more!  Three weapons to choose from.  Easter Eggs: at the main menu type in a nickname from IRC plus "im".  For example, "imlonmatero".

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