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Our aim is to present a wide ranging collection of articles covering all aspects of maritime history, although the general emphasis will reflect reflect our own interest in naval history. We will continue to publish original naval documents from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries.

We can have a good stab at answering most questions dealing with the Royal Navy of any period, but since we have very limited resources dealing with merchant ships I suggest that you make contact with MARHST-L, the maritime history list. To join send an email to with the message SUBSCRIBE MARHST-L firstname lastname

If you are interested in wooden sailing ships and the works of Patrick O`Brian and other nautical fiction, why not join the SeaRoom Discussion Group? Send an email to MAJORDOMO@LISTBOX.COM with the message SUBSCRIBE SEAROOM-L

If you don`t get a reply from us please repeat your query, emails do sometimes get deleted by accident.

Michael Phillips, Jane Phillips


1: In separate sections we provide web sites for:-

  • "Ships of the Old Navy" An alphabetical, anecdotal history of the sailing warships of the Royal Navy from approx. the 1780s to the 1840s. This is in a state of constant revision as new material is added.

  • "Ships of the Old Navy 2" A companion history of Royal Naval ships from the 18th century, starting in the 1690s. This is still being written; date of latest additions is shown at bottom of each page.

    A Primer on Sailing Warships - facts and figures. has been transferred from the Plymouth Naval Base Museum web-site which has now closed.

  • The Liverpool Nautical Research Society This important society is now over 60 years old and has a close link with the Merseyside Maritime Museum. New pages have been added, incuding the story of the White Star Liner Georgic.

  • Lighthouses Introducing the Association of Lighthouse Keepers and the Journal Leading Lights.

  • The Shaw Savill Society Formed by former menbers of the Shaw, Saville & Albion Company after it discontinued as an independent shipping company.


2: Special Links:-

  • "PORT" is the important electronic service from the Centre for Maritime Research, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, which will help you find information related to maritime studies on the World Wide Web. The N.M.M also publishes the on-line Journal of Maritime Research.

  • The National Archives - The catalogue of the UK Public Record Office (The National Archives) at Kew in West London is on line.

  • The Spirit of Enterprize a new topsail schooner to be built in Washington, DC.

  • See the link to the fascinating new website for the 1607 Popham Colony of Maine and the VIRGINIA pinnace in Section 8 - A Learning Experience.

  • ACADEMIC COURSES, SEMINARS & LECTURES in Maritime History. To draw your attention to some of the study courses which are availabe and notices of forthcoming lectures.
    Particular notice should be taken of the ten week on-line non-accredited course from the University of Exeter on 'The Lost World of the Sailing Ships 1780-1880.' This starts on the 5th February 2007.

  • A link to The HAKLUYT SOCIETY, for everyone interested in the history of exploration and travel.

  • Many of the great Victorian adventure books for boys by Capt. Frederick Marryat and R.M.Ballantyne are available on line as E-Texts at ATHELSTANE, and there are more to follow.

  • ABACCI BOOKS is a virtual bookstore which combines the free downloads of classic books from Project Gutenberg with reviews and the option of hard copy ordering from Amazon. Includes categories on Nautical and Historical themes.

  • Plymouth Central Library - Local and Navy Studies Deparment. This library of naval studies, both historic and current, is one of the few in the UK which is open to the general public.

  • Jane Campbell is transcribing extracts from old local newspapers on Merseyside. These include shipping news, passenger and crew lists and emigration to Australia and America. Continually updated.

  • The Age of Nelson has three important Data Bases covering Sea Officers of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars, The Men of Trafalgar and the Sons & Daughters of Trafalgar. (CD Available) In addition there are scholarly articles and contemporary accounts.

  • Battle of Jutland Casualties The men killed in action, or died of wounds, are listed by ship.

  • Do not miss my New Books Page for books on maritime subjects that I especially reccomend.

  • Hubert Cance, who produces fine colour prints of ships, now has a web-site at

  • The Maritime Books published by the Newcastle City Library are listed HERE.

  • LINKS to Naval Societies and other related sites.

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    3: The Current General Articles:-

    9th October 2006.
    The number of text pages downloaded in the seven days to 2nd Oct. 2006 from this site was 16,702

    George Sallet author of The Six Long Years.
    Extracts from his autobiography of an American destroyer sailor throughout the Pacific War form a continuing series.
    Part 17 has been added, This goes back to fill in a gap in the story between Dec 12 1941 and Jan. 25 1942. At last, after a long delay, Parts 22, 23 and 24 have been added, taking the story to 27 May 1945
    Jump to Part 20

  • See Eileen McNamara`s site on USS CONKLIN, DE439 for the story of another escort destroyer and other useful information.
  • A new book by another member of the crew of the USS Bagley is anounced on my book page.

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    4: Special Presentation:-


    A series of articles covering the history of the 19th century Peruvian Navy

    by Juan del Campo


    5: Special Presentation:-


    Articles taken from the the pages of "The Gallipolian,"
    the journal of the Gallipoli Association
    Log of Midshipman Dent.


    6: Special Presentation:-


      From 1997 until 2005 we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the period of Nelson`s battles. 1997 Saint Vincent - 1998 The Nile - 2001 Copenhagen - 2005 Trafalgar. Although Nelson was in full command at only two of these, his presence at all of them was decisive.

      This section is Jane`s own, where she can pay homage to her great hero with his history and her own thoughts on the man. She starts with Teneriffe in 1797, a defeat which brought him to his lowest ebb.

    Jane is now Mrs Jane Phillips and she can be contacted at


  • What`s In A Name? The Duality of Bront�. by John Godl.

  • TRAFALGAR -- Strategy, Tactics and Ships. Papers, discussion and plans from a 1905 meeting celebrating the centenary of the battle.

  • has a comprehensive bibliography on Horatio Nelson. (High graphical content)

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    7: Special Presentation:-

    The Rise and Fall of 15th cent. Chinese Seapower

    Fleets of hundreds of immense Chinese junks sailed the Indian ocean in the middle of the 15th century but less than 100 years later it was a crime to go to sea from China.

    Michael L. Bosworth

    explores this dramatic shift in policy.


    8: Special Presention:-

    A Learning Experience

    A series of linked pages on Maritime History primarily intended for young students.

    University Courses in Maritime History,
    Seminars & Lectures


    9: Special Presentation:-

    Sir John Franklin and Arctic Exploration

    1997 was the 150th anniversary of the death of Sir John Franklin in the Canadian Arctic.


    10: Special Presentation:-

    1861 - 1865 The Naval War


    11: Special Presentation:-

    The Naval War of 1812.


    12: Special Presentation:-

    World War I

    World War I in the Adriatic


    13: Special Presentation:-

    Chesapeake Mill

    The Restoration of a Water-Mill built from the gun-deck timbers of the American frigate Chesapeake in 1820.
    Although this project seems to have fallem through I am keeping this page because of the historical interest.


    14: Special Presentations & Links:-

    Mr William Bligh RN

    People and events associated with William Bligh, and the ships Bounty, Providence and Assistant.


    15: Special Links:-

    Shipwrecks in the St. Lawrence

    • The Lower St. Lawrence River Maritime History Site

      On this very interesting site G.R. Boss� of Quebec is publishing some accounts of his researches into more than 7000 early 19th century shipwrecks along the St Lawrence River. Have you documentary evidence or access to sources that might help?


    16: Special Links:-

    ******NEW BOOKS******

    See announcement of new play based on loss of H.M.S. THETIS.

    ******JOURNALS -- VIDEOS******


    17: Special Links:-

    Other History Pages


    18: Notice Board:-

    The Nordmre Museum in Kristiansund, Norway, are restoring the steam trawler Borgenes which was built in Collingwood in April 1942 as the Admiralty `Isles` class T-276 Cailiff before being sold to Norway in 1947. They want to document her wartime career and wish to make contact with anyone who served in her on convoy duty, or has any recollection of her sister ships. They have located several photos of the vessel in 1947. Email Sverre Svendsen at

    John Mitchell has several photos that his late father, Surg. Lieut. John Mitchell, took on board the Algerine minesweeper HMCS Wallaceburg (later the Belgian Georges Leconte) in 1944-45. He is offering to scan and post them as email attachments to anyone interested. Contact him at

    Copyright remains with the author, I am just providing space.

    Contributions and suggestions are welcomed

    Michael Phillips and Jane Buchmann Phillips
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