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Modeling: Pose Nude for Playboy
How do I submit photographs of a potential model?

Our He Shoots, She Scores feature tells you everything you and your model need to know: photo tips, wardrobe hints, makeup suggestions and submission guidelines, all illustrated with pictures and video.

If you've got a waiting list of beautiful babes to photograph, here's the bare essentials:

  • Models must be 18 years of age or older. So we need to see photocopies of two pieces of identification clearly showing date of birth and at least one of the two with a photo. Birth certificates, driver's licenses, passports and college photo IDs are all fine, but please do not send credit cards.

  • Include recent color snapshots, slides or Polaroids that clearly show face and figure.

  • Make a complete list of personal data: height, weight, age, measurements, school enrollment and anything else you'd like us to know.

  • Toss it all in an envelope and send it to:

    Playboy Special Editions
    Model submissions
    680 N. Lake Shore Dr.
    Chicago, IL 60611

If a model has appeared in a Special Editions issue, can she still become a Playmate?

Absolutely. Many a Playmate got her start as a Special Editions model and then moved on to become a monthly Centerfold. In fact, 1999 Playmate of the Year Heather Kozar appeared on our May/June 1997 Book of Lingerie cover before she became Miss January 1998. And Miss June 2001 Heather Spytek was a veteran of our force. Other Special Editions models turned Playmates include Miriam Gonzalez, Rachel Jeán Marteen and Tiffany Taylor.

How can I contact Special Editions?

We love to hear from fans of our magazines and websites, so by all means let us know what you think or ask a question. You can email us at or send snail mail to:

Playboy Special Editions
680 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611

Can I send fan mail to individual Special Editions models?

Yes, you can send a fan letter to your favorite model by writing to her in care of Playboy Special Editions (680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611). We'll pass your letter along, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee you'll get a response. As Special Editions Online grows and develops, we'll be posting the websites of our models, and many of those sites will be equipped to accept messages from fans.

Where can I buy Playboy Special Editions?

Playboy Special Editions are available online through the Playboy Store. As you read this, we are working on a way to post the names and zip codes of all the stores that carry our magazines. In the meantime, a good place to start would be your local Walden Books, Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstores, which usually carry Special Editions. To play it safe, we suggest you call ahead to make sure they have copies in stock. Next time you travel and need a cute companion, look for Special Editions at airport newsstands.

Can I subscribe?

At the current time the only Special Editions issue that is offered on a subscription basis is Playboy's Lingerie . For $39.95, you get six issues of the world's sexiest lingerie magazine available in print or digital format. Click here to order a digital subscription (international orders are accepted). Click here to order a print subscription.

How can I buy Special Editions back issues?

To buy Special Editions back issues call 1-800-423-9494 or head to the Playboy Store.

What are the chances of getting a date with one of your models?

While we can't promise you a date, we can offer you the opportunity to meet six of our most beautiful models. Each year, a lucky fan spends the day on the set during the cover shoot for the January/February issue of the Book of Lingerie. Details on entering the contest for the 2002 cover shoot will be published online.

How can I be a Special Editions photographer?

The line of hopefuls is currently six blocks long, but there is a way to break in line. On our section of the Playboy Cyber Club, there is a feature called Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door. If you photograph a model and your pictures are chosen to appear there, we'll give you a credit and at least you'll be able to boast that your work has appeared in Playboy's cyberspace. Also, be sure to check out our He Shoots, She Scores feature. It tells you everything you and your model need to know: photo tips, wardrobe hints, makeup suggestions and submission guidelines, all illustrated with pictures and video.

How do I view video downloads?

To keep everyone satisfied, Special Editions publishes video in two formats: Real and QuickTime. Both video players are available free online. Find Real Player at Apple offers QuickTime at If you have already installed one of these players and continue to have trouble watching video, make sure you're using the most recent version of your video player. Both Real and QuickTime offer periodic updates on their websites.

What are Playboy Special Editions?

Playboy Special Editions are picture books of the world's most beautiful women. Period. We celebrate the female form in two books each month, not to mention accompanying online content, videos and merchandise. Special Editions' flagship Book of Lingerie comes out six times a year along with regular issues such as College Girls and Barefoot Beauties. And we're still finding new ways to glorify the goddesses we photograph. Got an idea? Drop us a line.

History of Special Editions

While magazine supplements of Playboy have been published since the early Sixties, it wasn't until the spring of 1983 that the "modern era" design and concept debuted. Now known as Playboy Special Editions, the magazines were originally called flats.

Why the term "flats"? Back in the Sixties, most magazines, including Playboy, were put together with staples resulting in a bulge at the spine, which meant they sold best standing up. The few magazines that were "perfect bound," i.e., with the pages glued in place like a book, stacked well one on top of another and were displayed at the newsstand flat. To differentiate the monthly Playboy from the supplements, the term "flats" was initiated. But as everyone knows, there's nothing flat about our publications.

The first supplement was a 112-page magazine titled Bunnies #3, which concluded a series on the history of Playboy Bunnies begun several years prior. Later in 1983, The Best of Playboy #10, Girls of Summer, College Girls and Playboy Playmates: The First 15 Years were also published, pushing the number of magazines to five and defining "flats" as an important division in Playboy's corporate structure.

In 1984, the first issue of the Book of Lingerie was released, and the total climbed to six. When BOL became a bimonthly book in 1988, the workload for the staff of two --Executive Editor Pat Papangelis and her Editorial Assistant Gloria Napier -- reached a level requiring more help, and two new crew members came aboard. Concurrent with the increase in titles, the name Newsstand Specials was adopted.

Playboy headquarters moved to its current address at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago in 1989, and with more room Newsstand Specials added more staff and bumped the total number of magazines to 13. In the new millennium, Special Editions has replaced the term Newsstand Specials, and its Chicago-based crew of 12 -- with another 50 photographers, production coordinators, stylists and makeup artists scattered around the country and Europe -- works together to produce the 24 annual magazines under the Special Editions banner.