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L.A.M.E Ain't an Mp3 Encoder

The home for LAME is now with Mark Taylor at lame.sourceforge.net.
Join the The mailing list

tooLAME: Layer2 encoder

toolame is slowly moving to sourceforge and a new branch (v0.3) is starting in CVS. The new branch is trying for a cleaner more extendable/hackable code base with one of the goals being to make toolame into a library. Join the very low traffic mailing list to keep up to date or lend a hand.

Layer 2 VBR files:

An encoding of castanets.wav produced with toolame-02g.
Feedback on whether or not your mpeg audio player copes with it is welcome. (mpg123 and xmms are known to work).
  • VBR 0 Av bitrate:209kbps
MPEG Audio related links:
Similar Projects:
  • Oggsquish audio project. Ogg Vorbis is a general purpose compressed audio format for high quality (44.1-48kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio at moderate fixed and variable rates (40-80 kb/s/channel).
  • ac3dec: A free (GPL) AC-3 stream decoder.

Audio Time Scaling

I needed to preview some talk radio I had recorded, but I wanted to preview it in 'fast forward'. However, when audio is sped up just by changing the frequency of playback, the talkers turn into chipmunks.

With a little bit of googling around the net I found Stephan Sprengers work at dspdimensionand his algorithm smsPitchScale.cp. This allows you to speed up or slow down an audio file by a factor of 2 and still have the speaker appearing to speak at the same pitch, just speaking more quickly or slowly. I wrapped Stephen's code in some bits of support code. In summary: The audio can be played back at a higher frequency (faster rate) but the pitch does not change.

Selective Gaussian Blur

This little bit of code implements a selective gaussian blur. A normal gaussian blur will cause an image to lose detail as a pixel is replaced by a weighted average of itself and those pixels around it. The weighting is given by a 2D gaussian curve.

A selective blur only selects certain points to be part of the blurring process. This means that not as much detail is lost and this type of blur tends to maintain edge detail in the picture

The Box Project

Based upon an idea in Andrew Glassner's Notebook in Computer Graphics and Applications" Very rough at this stage. A program to print out nets for boxes: boxer v01. The patterns that are printed out can be pasted onto card, cut out and make boxes when folded up. The designs are parameterized such that you can enter the Length, Width, Height and Thickness of the box, and the printout will reflect this. Designing boxes is currently quite obtuse, but there are 3 designs included. Here's an example of the output generated from this input file. And here's the same box design with different height,width and length. [Released under GPL].

Renderman Output Library

I needed a small renderman output library for a few of my projects. Nothing full-blown, just output scene files that can be rendered by something else. I was initially using BMRT libribout, but it wasn't available for the platform I initially wanted to run on.

Enter Thomas E Burge (link coming) and his Affine Libraries and Tools. I've combined a few of his source files and ditched everything out of the 1.2 meg source archive that I didn't want/need - all that's left is about 30k of tgz'd source that is just the renderman RIB output library. This library is compatible with the BMRT library, and all you should really have to do is link to this libribo.a instead of libribout.a.

Download. Untar. Make. test.sh

Analemmatic Sundial

From the Analemmatic Sundial Page:

"An analemmatic sundial is a particular kind of horizontal sundial in which the shadow-casting object is vertical, and is moved depending on the date, or to be more precise, depending on the declination of the sun on a given day. The time is read from the dial by noting where the shadow cast by the vertical pin crosses hour points laid out on an ellipse. If we make the dial on the ground and large enough, we can use the shadow cast by a person. This makes it very different from the traditional sundial we see often in parks and gardens where the shadow is cast by a triangular shaped wedge."

Small Postscript Library

Very basic postscript library. Meant to be an easy way to generate postscript files from a C program. Only supports basic commands such as simple text rendering, lines, different colours, coloured boxes.

Perl Bits

  • netwait.pl For a dialup connection, watch the bandwidth use and wait until the bandwidth drops below a given threshold for a certain number of minutes. eg
    netwait.pl 5
  • drenice.pl renice all programs which match the given regexp. eg
    drenice.pl mozilla
  • scaler.pl print out an image onto multiple sheets of paper after scaling up the image. eg
    scaler.pl name.jpg 5
    This will scale an image up 500% and then output it to as many postscript pages as required. Requires NetPBM utilities installed and in path

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