Name: Trevor Murdoch

Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 241 pounds
From: Waxahachie, Texas
Signature Move: Top Rope Bulldog; Sweet and Sour (combo with Lance Cade)
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion
Associates: Lance Cade
WWE Debut: Sept. 5, 2005
Trained By: Harley Race
Entrance Video: WATCH

Back together once again, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch are on a quest to regain the World Tag Team Championship. The path has started off successfully, as Cade picked up a countout victory over Kane on the June 5 RAW. After the match, Murdoch proclaimed that it was just the beginning for the re-formed team.

Since then, the team has been dominant on HEAT, picking up several victories. They even made an appearance on Unlimited during the June 19 RAW to bemoan the lack of respect they've been shown. Murdoch said that when you make rednecks angry, bad things happen; is this a sign of things to come for their future opponents? The following week, they picked up a victory over Viscera & Val Venis on RAW thanks to Charlie Haas' distraction of Big Vis.

One of Waxahachie’s most notorious sons, the surly, tobacco-chewing, short-tempered southern brawler is prone to violent outbursts. While usually clad in beat up jeans and cut off shirts, don’t let Murdoch’s looks and attitude fool you; his ability inside the squared circle is nothing to be underestimated.

Along with Lance Cade, Murdoch made his debut on RAW in September 2005 and made an immediate impact. Almost immediately, the pair defeated The Hurricane and Rosey to become World Tag Team Champions at Unforgiven. With a successful blend of sweet and sour, they seemed unstoppable.

At Taboo Tuesday, however, Kane & Big Show proved that theory wrong. Cade & Murdoch didn’t know they would be facing the two monsters until shortly before the match began, and it cost them dearly. Kane & Big Show walked out as World Tag Team Champions that night, and also won a Hardcore Rules rematch eight days later on RAW.

After the loss, Cade & Murdoch decided to effectively part ways, remaining allies but no longer partners. Since then, Murdoch has proven his toughness by piling up several victories on RAW and HEAT, and qualified for the 2006 Royal Rumble Match. At one point, he even approached Mr. McMahon to interview for the job of RAW General Manager, telling the WWE Chairman that he was “just the hucklebuck for the job.”

Inside the ring, Murdoch took on all comers on RAW and HEAT, but he also developed a name for himself on as well; the opinionated Texan was often seen during Unlimited giving his thoughts on the latest movie releases. While the recent cinematic critiques may not have provided much insight into the films, they certainly have given the fans a disturbing look into the mind of Trevor Murdoch. When he decided to bring his talents to RAW to review See No Evil, however, he ended up on the receiving end of a beating from the film's star, Kane.

Early in 2006, Murdoch developed a rivalry with Goldust on HEAT. When Murdoch helped former partner Lance Cade defeat Goldust one week, the Bizarre One got his own partner Snitsky involved, and the four were at each others' throats for weeks. The reunion seemed to invigorate Cade & Murdoch, who decided to once again pool their talent into one goal.