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MUNICH: As good as it gets

Bayern Munich 1 Norwich City 2
(2nd round, first leg, October 20)

“We were going to a world class stadium to play a world-class side but we never had any doubts that we had the ability to get a result.
The scene of one of City's best ever victories - the magnificent Olympic Stadium.
“Everyone around us was saying we would do well to keep it down to three or four nil and that’s probably why people tuned in on the night – to see a few goals. Obviously when I scored it was a surprise for all the pundits but it didn’t surprise us because that was the way we were playing at the time.
“The ball was played forward from a defensive area and, as I always tried to do, I moved forward to support the ball. Lothar Matthaus was going backwards under pressure from Mark Robins and he headed it high in air, just outside the penalty area. I didn’t have to adjust my stride, I just hit it on the volley with my right foot. It was as sweet as anything.
Jan Wouters can only look on as Jeremy Goss blasts his famous volley in Munich.
“It was a split second, spontaneous decision to hit the ball. I was looking to make the goalkeeper make a save – coaches always tell you that when you shoot, make sure it’s on target – but luckily for me it went into the top corner. I’ve got that one on tape at home and it will be great for my kids to see it when they grow up.
“A lot was said about my goal but let’s not forget that Mark Bowen also scored an excellent goal that night to make it 2-0. He loved getting forward and he really was a top-class finisher. Ian Crook’s free-kick was missed by Chris Sutton, who had a Bayern defender climbing all over him, and Mark stole in at the far post and judged the bounce superbly to head home.
“Unfortunately they got one back just before half-time and obviously we had to withstand a lot of pressure in the second half. But we had the fitness to close them down and prevent them from getting time and space on the ball.
“We defended high up the field and managed to stop their good players playing. Big Gunny pulled off some great saves, and one brilliant one near the end to foil Adolfo Valencia, and all credit to the guy – he was a great keeper. If it wasn’t for him it could easily have been 2-2 on the night.”

Norwich City 1 Bayern Munich 1
(2nd rd, 2nd leg, November 3)

“I remember Mike Walker saying beforehand ‘Whatever you do, don’t concede an early goal’. So what happened? Valencia scored after a few minutes and all of a sudden it’s 2-2 on aggregate.
“We were still ahead on away goals but there was still over 80 minutes to play. But nothing changed. We were at home and we knew we had to take the game to them and try and dictate things with a big crowd behind us.

Former German captain Lothar Matthaus squares up to Bryan Gunn at Carrow Road.

“My goal came near the end and I can remember the last 15 minutes or so really dragging by because although it was 1-1 another goal for them would have taken the tie into extra time.
“Mark Bowen crossed the ball from the left and I just had to read what Chris Sutton was going to do. He went to the ball and I knew he was going to flick it on and I just tried to get into the space where I anticipated he would put it. Fortunately I timed it just right and side-footed it into the back of the net from close in. They were claiming offside but I was definitely on.
“The house came down when that went in – I’ve never heard so much noise at Carrow Road. The atmosphere was fantastic and I just started running with sheer delight.
“You can’t explain how you feel in a situation like that. All the words you could use just can’t describe it. I ended up in front of where the players’ wives and girlfriends were sitting, near where the Snakepit is now, and my mum came running down to meet me.
“She grabbed hold of me and I’m hugging my mum! I just couldn’t believe it because we certainly hadn’t planned to meet like that! Afterwards I was close to tears thinking about it because it was such a memorable moment. I was so pleased I had made my mum so proud.”

Second round details:

October 20, 1993
Bayern Munich 1 Norwich City 2

Bayern Munich: Aumann, Jorginho, Ziege (Sternkopf 60), Kreuzer, Helmer, Nerlinger, Wouters, Witeczek, Valencia, Matthaus, Scholl (Labbadia 64).
Norwich City: Gunn, Culverhouse, Bowen, Butterworth, Prior, Newman, Robins (Sutch 26), Crook, Sutton, Fox, Goss.
Goals: Goss 12, Bowen 29; Nerlinger 40.
Attendance: 28,500.

November 3, 1993
Norwich City 1 Bayern Munich 1

Norwich City: Gunn, Culverhouse, Bowen, Butterworth, Polston, Newman, Eadie (Akinbiyi 77), Crook, Sutton, Fox (Sutch 88), Goss. Bayern Munich: Aumann, Jorginho, Ziege, Kreuzer, Helmer, Nerlinger, Wouters, Schupp, Witeczek, Matthaus, Valencia.
Goals: Valencia 4; Goss 51.
Attendance: 28,829.

MILAN: Story of what might have been
Norwich City 0 Inter Milan 1
(3rd rd, 1st leg, November 24)

“I suppose this was a little bit of anti-climax after the Bayern Munich game. Getting Inter was a brilliant draw for us but to be honest the game wasn’t a classic.
“We didn’t have under-soil heating in those days and I remember the pitch being a little bit slippery.
“It was a close run thing – they had one or two chances, we had one or two chances, but as the home side we certainly didn’t create as much as we should have.

An Inter player feels the full weight of a Mark Bowen challenge.

“I remember the ball coming to me on the edge of the area and I chested it down and caught it on the volley and it came back off the crossbar. The ball fell to Ian Crook and he shot just over. That was about as close as we came.
“There were one or two other opportunities but they were scrambled attempts.
“They won the game in the last 10 minutes when the lad Sosa ran through and Rob Newman brought him down in the box. We couldn’t argue with the penalty. It was disappointing to get caught on the break like that but that was our style of play. We wanted to carry on pushing forward to try and win the game and we left the door open at the back.
“Looking back I suppose 0-0 on the night wouldn’t have been a bad result but, as I said, we wanted to win it.
“I realised at the time that one or two bookings we picked up during the game were going to be costly. As it turned out Ian Butterworth, Ian Crook and Ian Culverhouse all missed the return leg and I remember feeling really gutted for them.
“They were key players in our team and they had been denied the chance to play in one of the world’s great stadiums. There were a couple of bookings where you felt ‘come one ref, that’s disgraceful’ but we were fighting against European referees as well as European teams.”

Inter Milan 1 Norwich City 0
(3rd rd,1st leg, December 8)

The sight that awaited City fans arriving at the San Siro in Milan.

“Colin Woodthorpe, Spencer Prior, Robert Ullathorne and Gary Megson stepped in for the second leg and Meggy had a great game that night.
“The match wasn’t an anti-climax but it was very frustrating to play in. We had the chances and we fully deserved to get it back to 1-1 and who knows what would have happened then.
“I remember us taking the game to Inter in the first half and Efan having one great chance to put us ahead but unfortunately it went just wide. There were other opportunities too and if one of them had gone in I’m sure we would have had the confidence to have gone on and won the game because we were playing so well.
“As it turned out the goal just would not come and they broke away near the end when he were pushing forward and Dennis Bergkamp made it 1-0 on the day, which really was rough justice.
“Still, it was a great thrill to play in such a magnificent arena, even though it was less than half full, and I’m glad I achieved something like that in my career.

Dennis Bergkamp, who scored in both legs, is lurking in the background as Jeremy Goss battles for the ball in midfield.

“I remember going back out on to the pitch after the final whistle to clap our fans who had travelled to the San Siro in their thousands and had supported us so brilliantly, as they had done throughout the UEFA Cup campaign. It was an emotional moment, I can tell you.
“The feeling amongst the players afterwards was that we hadn’t disgraced ourselves. We’d put on a good show, put Norwich on the map and gained a lot of good publicity for the club by playing good attractive open football.
“We surprised a lot of people – television commentators and ordinary fans around the country.”

Third round details:

November 24, 1993
Norwich City 0 Inter Milan 1

Norwich City: Gunn, Culverhouse, Bowen, Butterworth, Polston, Newman, Fox, Crook, Sutton, Sutch (Power 75), Goss.
Inter Milan: Zenga, Bergomi, Orlando, M. Paganin, A Paganin, Battistini, Dell’Anno, Jonk, Fontolan, Bergkamp, Sosa (Ferri 89).
Goal: Bergkamp (pen) 80.
Attendance: 20,805.

December 9, 1993
Inter Milan 1 Norwich City 0

Inter Milan: Zenga, Battistini, Orlando, Bergomi, M Paganin, A Paganin, Shalimov, Dell’Anno, Fontalan, Bergkamp, Sosa.
Norwich City: Gunn, Bowen, Newman, Prior (Power 78), Woodthorpe, Fox, Megson, Goss, Ullathorne, Sutton, Ekoku (Sutch 84).
Goal: Bergkamp 88.
Attendance: 30,000.

The end of the road. A saddened but proud Jeremy Goss gives a wave of thanks to City's travelling faithful at San Siro.


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