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The Gatekeeper’s duty was to play prison guard to a pack of unearthly creatures – the Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Zombie, Gorgon, Poltergeist and also The Mummy, that shyster Pharaoh, Khufu – keeping them securely locked away from the real world.

But a giant ego like Khufu’s couldn’t be contained for long. He wagered his freedom in a card game, then beat the Gatekeeper in a game of stud poker…using real metal studs.

As part of the deal, all the creatures were free to cross over…to Khufu’s Casino, where they now strive to play his Ultimate Challenge.

Meanwhile the Gatekeeper is left behind to stew in his own juices (eeuuwww!) and is quietly plotting a way to break the bank at Khufu’s. .....And the tables. And the chairs, the gaming equipment, the guests and most of all Khufu himself.