Mar 23 2007
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Web Posted - Fri Nov 03 2006
A monkey, imagine that, one monkey unplug the whole island. One monkey had Barbados shut down the other morning for nearly eight hours. Tourists complaining, customers grumbling, employers cussing and employees glad for the lil break. All over Barbados electricity did off because o one monkey. I still cant believe that because one monkey sit down on a power line somewhere bout in St. Michael that he was able to short out a whole island. I dont even feel that if a terrorist did plan that he couldda execute it as precise as the monkey.

It was as though them had one long cord attach to the island and plug into the Light and Power and the monkey hold the cord and pull it out, causing the island to be without electricity. Not only that, but some water pumps were unable to work too because of the water shortage.

So consequently a lot of business houses who aint had a back-up generator had to remain closed  well all except them one-door shops that the owner does just pull a piece o pencil from behind his ear and rip off a piece o brown paper from some place and add up everything on, especially where people does dont necessarily need a computerised receipt.

But I could just imagine how it was across the island cause I know from experience that we is a I-had-a mind-so and a a-mind-did-tell-me society. What I mean by that? Well them got a set of people that dont press them working or school clothes til the same morning that them gine to work or school. I lie?

Them would got the whole weekend home hardly doing anything, but Monday morning would find them eating breakfast and pressing them clothes for work at the same time. And if them ever wake up a morning and the electricity off, them break out in cold sweats and start cussing Light and Power. And that is exactly what happen the other morning.

Nuff people wake up looking to press them clothes to get ready for work and the electricity did off. Some did cussing but them tell themselves it gine be only off for a few minutes. However, when work time start to sneak up on them, some start to panic. I didnt there but I know some people went back and examine the clothes them had on the day before to see if them would pass; if them was something that did look a certain way to wear back to work.

I know man, you aint got to tell me. Suddenly some people did wishing that them did put the clothes them had on the day before on a hanger instead of just tossing them in the clothes hamper to wash or throwing them across the bed and getting them all wrinkled up. And this is where I-had-a mind-so and a a-mind-did-tell-me does come in. All of a sudden people does had a mind that the electricity did gine off. All of a sudden a fella does hit you with a mind did tell him last night to press his clothes cause the electricity did gine be off that morning, but he didnt listen to his mind. And it aint nothing that does rub parents the wrong way than to be proven right, because I know that some place in Barbados a parent told a child the night before to get up from in front of the TV and go and press them school clothes. And that child dilly-dally and dog danced all night and went to bed with out pressing, planning to get up early in the morning and press. Only to wake up to find the electricity off and to hear the parent shouting, press or nuh press yuh gine wear them clothes to school today!

But between me and you, as an employee nothing dont be sweeter than when something so happen. When you sitting down waiting for the electricity to come back on, with nothing to do and hoping that by the time it come back on you at home, all the time you smiling in your mind and saying, free money today boy.

Anyhow, I hear the monkey get electrocute when he shut down the island so we might not have to worry bout anything like that happening for a long time.

By the way, how yuh like the West Indies cricket team? Hopefully we can put some licks in Australia on Sunday like how we do South Africa yesterday and retain the ICC trophy. Now this is between me and you so dont tell nobody; but you see them teams, a lot of them frighten for we, them does only get on big fashion, but when we on top of we game we does beat the best o them and them know that, so trust me, Australia frighten as hell for we. See ya.


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