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Desmond jeans was the brother Ursula jeans (quite a famous actress in the 30’s). Desmond a one time professional dancer had won a amateur boxing tournament in Australia, he decided to make a go of his boxing career but the thing that made this career move so strange was the fact that jeans was so short sighted in his left eye he wore a monocle even in the ring.
Jeans had surprisingly won his first two fights and the public liked the fancy Dan from Mayfair.
Jeans next fight would be jack pettifer, jack had eight straight wins under his belt, five of which were TKOs. Still the public made jeans favourite
Jeans was not good enough as he came out in round one jack hit jeans in the face sending the monocle flying, jeans now effectively blind in one eye took a bad beating until the ref. stopped the contest in the 5th round.

Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle an ex Irish guardsman was up and coming boxer at the same time as jack. They met in the ring at crystal palace in 1932.
The first round started with jack knocking Doyle all round the ring, the crowd thought this would be a short fight as Doyle staggered back to his corner dazed at the end of the 1st .as Doyle sat in his corner, one of the corner men pulled a hip flask out of his pocket and gave it to Doyle. Doyle had a swig from the flask that contained brandy and was ready for the second round.
As the bell sounded for round two Doyle came charging out of his corner, this was not the same man as the round before. Doyle threw everything into this attack and jack hit the canvas. This was jack’s first defeat.
Doyle had a long boxing career and he also did some acting, he made a fortune from boxing and the movies, but he lost it all through gambling and drink.he said he lost it on fast women and slow horses, he died penniless in the 70’s