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      Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Ltd. is a joint venture, with total investment of US$ 150 million and registered capital of US$ 118 million, jointly set up by Jincheng Corporation, Malaysia Golden Lion Group, China Aviation Foundation (511) Ltd. and Singapore Asian Xiangfeng Ltd. in March 1994.

      Mainly engaged in research, development and manufacture of motorcycles and motorcycle engines, Tt is the largest Sino-foreign JV in the motorcycle industry of China and one of the top ten largest Sino-foreign JVs in China. The Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Ltd is the controlling shareholder of eight separate companies and holds equities of three other ones.

      With 1700 employees, it has been selectively honored as one of Double-Excellent Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China and as one of the Foreign-Invested Model Enterprises in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City for several years.

      The motor maker has been No. 1 exporter and foreign exchange earner in China's motorcycle industry for years. Premier Zhu Rongji and Vice Premier Wu Bangguo visited Jincheng and praised highly.

      The Jincheng Corporation gives a huge amount of resources to research and development. Tts R&D system includes a national-grade technical center, a postdoctoral workstation and an R&D team with a full range of professionals from all relevant fields.

      In addition to professionals, the R & D system is equipped with internationally first-class test equipment, such as a testing system with a simulated application condition, a motorcycle's chassis performance test system and a shock absorber test bed. All the apparatuses are the best in China and can supply reliable data including strength, power, torque, emission and help perfect designs.

      The company operates with advanced management. The Jincheng CIMS project phase II has passed the confirmation conducted by the national authorities. The MRP II has been deeply embedded in company management, R&D, quality management and control, production management and control. The company is ISO9001 certified.
The Jincheng Machinery has installed at its facilities a nationally first class motorcycle assembly line, an engine manufacture production line, a complete closed auto-painting production line, a heat treatment line and FMS processing line. The FMS line is regarded as "the symbol that motorcycle manufacture in the mainland of China has stepped into the 1990's international advanced level." The company has the annual production capacity of above 1 million motorcycles and leads its domestic counterparts in manufacturing automation.

      Jincheng Machinery manufactures Jincheng Brand motorcycles whose output capacity ranges from 36cc to 50cc. The company has released other product lines such as four-wheeled motorcycles, electric-driven motorcycles, engine of marine and other multi-purpose engines. In regard to the ripe sales network, the company has set up tens of sales firms as well as after-sale service networks worldwide. Its products have been selected as "Chinese Famous Brand Product", "Chinese Satisfactory Product" and the Jincheng Brand has been approved to be "Chinese Well-known Trademark".

      Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Ltd. will continuously commit itself to creating greater fortune for society and providing more and better products and service for customers.

      Address: 518, East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing
      PC: 210002
      Tel: 0086-025-84593388
      General manager: Wang jian, Chen Xuping