Shipboard Diaries
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CANTERBURY MUSEUM   - November 1987
  The following diaries are for persons to read at the Museum Library only,
  and may not be photocopied, but are worthy of your attention should you
  be interested.
  Andrew CAMPBELL arrived Port Chalmers 1883
  Emma M PARKINSON arrive 1853
  Ivy LINDSAY arrived 1907
  "ACTIVE" Rev. T.KENDALL arrived Bay of Islands 1814
  "ADAMANT" Mary Ann BENNETTS arrived 17.10.1873
  "AGAMEMNON" (not Lyttelton) George LYES 1872
  "AMOOR" James CAYGILL arrived 1/7/1864
  "BARBARA GORDON" Joseph LONGDEN arrived 1850
  "BARBARA GORDON" Vicismus LUSH arrived.
  "BENAN" Andrew CAREY arrived Port Chalmers 1882
  "BOSWORTH" William LAING arrived Port Chalmers 25.1.1860
  "BOYNE" John F. MENZIES arrived 26.2.1879
  "BOYNE" William NUTTALL arrived 26.2.1879
  "CANTERBURY" Strickland S. FIELD arrived 21.10.1851
  "CARDIGAN CASTLE" Jemima ROY arrived 6.1.1877
  "CARNATIC" H.R. MOODY arrived Port Chalmers 1873
  "CASHMERE: Albin MARTIN to ? 1852
  "CASTLE EDEN" George WRIGHT 1851
  "CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE" Basil K. LAWRENCE snr arrived 30.1.1871
  "CHARLOTTE JANE" A.C. BARKER arrived 16.12.1850
  "CLONTARF" Henry MARTIN arrived 5.1.1859
  "CORNWALL" Charles TYLEE arrived 8.12.1851
  "DUNEDIN" John D. MOORE arrived 1.11.1877
  "ECHUNGA" William JEWELL arrived 24.12.1869
  "EGMONT" Lucy LOUGH arrived Feb. 1856
  "EGMONT" Priscilla TORLESSE arrived February 1856
  "HAMPSHIRE" Edward CHAPMAN arrived 6.5.1853
  "HYDASPES" Robert TAYLOR arrived 19..6.1869
  "INDIANA" James GOSS arrived 23.11.1858
  "ISABELLA HERCUS" Richard HAYTER arrived 1.3.1851
  "JOHN TAYLOR" John OLLIVIER arrived 18.10.1853
  "LANCASHIRE WITCH" Henry PRICE arrived 13.10 1863
  "LANCASHIRE WITCH" David CARR arrived 13.10.1863
  "MINERVA" William SMITH arrived 2.2.1853
  "MINERVA" Andrew B CUNNINGHAM arrived 16.8.1859
  "NORTHERN MONARCH" Matthew MORIARTY arrived 1.2.1879
  "OLIVE" Stephen BRITTENDEN arrived 7.8.1878
  "PIAKO" Fanny HORRELL arrived 5.3.1879
  "RANDOLPH" Charles J. BRIDGE arrived 16.12.1850
  "RANDOLPH" Parson J LEE arrived 16.11.1850
  "RANDOLPH" Richard J.P. FLEMING arrived 16.12.1850
  "RHEA SYLVIA" Alexander SANDISON arrived 2.5.1861
  "ROSE OF SHARON" Natthew EAGLESOME arrived 19.1.1857
  "ROYAL STUART" Samuel SHRIMPTON arrived 4.1.1855
  "SIMBAH" James HOWARD arrived.
  "SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR" Cyrus DAVIE arrived 17.12.1850
  "SIR EDWARD PAGET" Robert THOMPSON arrived 2.7.1856
  "SOBRAON" Edward BEDWELL to Melbourne Australia arrived 1875
  "SOMERSETSHIRE" William ANDREWS to Melbourne3 arrived 1875
  "ST LAWRENCE" Charles VOICE arrived 29.8.1874
  "STEADFAST" John S, GUNDRY arrived 9.6.1851
  "STRATHALLAN" Rev Charles ALABASTER arrived 21.1.1859
  :SYDNEY" T.S. MANNERING arrived Australia 1852
  "TIMARU" Robert FERGUSON arrived 1875 Otago
  "TINTERN ABBEY" Copley arrived 2.5.1875
  "WAIMATE" John BUTLER arrived 25.1.1875
  "WAIMATE" Joseph HARMER arrived 25.1.1875
  "WAITANGI" George HITCHINS arrived 17.9.1876
  "WAITARA" William TANNER arrived 24.12.1879
  "WAITARA" Frederick W RICHARDS arrived 24.12.1879
  "WILLIAM MILES" arrived 21.8.1860
  "ZEALANDIA" J. CUMBERWORTH arrived 14.11.1859
  "ZEALANDIA" Edith J, EMERY arrived 20.12.1879
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