Milton Keynes Hospital

(aka Milton Keynes General Hospital)

Milton Keynes has one hospital. This probably worked well when MK was half the size it is today, but the hospital now feels stretched as it strives to deal with a rapidly expanding population. The first sign of this you encounter is when you struggle to find a parking space. They're in the process of building a new, multi-storey carpark, but it's currently diffifult to find a parking space.

The local press reported in October 2006 that the hospital was postponing a bid for foundation status due to financial issues. These also seem to be connected to the size of the population increasing while the size of the hospital and its budget increase more slowly.

If you're not feeling too ill while you're at the hospital, it's worth checking out some of the extensive art collection which lines most of the corridors. I enjoy it more than most of what I've seen at MK Gallery.

Also on site is MKDoc, the out-of-hours GP service.

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