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Here's a list of various Cutie Honey sightings, cameos, and references in other anime series. If you have any not posted here, please email me!

Majokko Megu

In episode 1, Megu makes her debut by causing a series of car accidents. She is then chased by a group of angery men -- one of them looking quite a bit like Seiji!
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In episode 10, a boy who looks a bit like Junpei appears in Megu's classroom. This was a tricky one, I didn't notice it the first time!
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At the beginning of episode 27, Megu watches Misty Honey singing the Cutie Honey theme on TV! Shingo Araki was the character designer for both Majokko Megu and Cutie Honey, so the cameo is no shocker. Yoko Maekawa also sung the theme songs for both Majokko Megu and Cutie Honey!

You can view a clip of the scene
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UFO Robot Grendizer

The third series in Go Nagai's Mazinger universe. In episode 50, Seiji-san appears taking pictures in a crowd. There's also a girl who looks slightly like a mis-colored Kisaragi Honey.

Babel II from
Babel II, as well as Hayato from Getter Robo also appear!

* Screenshots from
UFO Robot Grendizer Site.
Oh! Super Milk-Chan

The opening credits play tribute to many 70's anime series, including Cutie Honey! In the first shot, Dr. Eyepatch is posing as Sister Jill with daggers. The next shot has the President as Cutie Honey, dodging daggers. The last picture has Milk's landlord, and the Dr. Eyepatch posing as Miharu and Alphonne. You can view the opening here.
Onegai Onegai...
Kekko Kamen

Another fun series by the mastermind Go Nagai. This series features a female hero who only wears a mask, gloves, and boots! There are two Honey references in the Kekko Kamen OVA. In the last OVA, Honey appears and gets stripped by a perverted samurai. Alphonne also has two brief cameos.
Go Nagai's CB World

Cutie Honey appears running with Violence Jack in the opening of Go Nagai's CB World. I'm unsure if she appears in the actual OVA or not.
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