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Tallest Panel
The biggest, heaviest, tallest and more - extraordinary accomplishments in Tilt-Up construction.

This is a list of the top ten Tilt-Up projects according to tallest panel height.

The project listing below is continually updated to showcase the extents to which Tilt-Up construction has been successfully used. The organizations listed under each project are current TCA Members and would be happy to assist you on your next Tilt-Up project.

If you have a project or are part of an organization that you feel should be included, send your documentation to Jim Baty, Technical Director for the TCA. If you have an idea for a Top Ten list that we have not featured, please contact us for consideration.

Lucky Street Garage
Hollywood, Florida
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96'-9" (29.49 m)

Tilt-Up Contractor: TILTCRETE LLC
Lifting & Bracing Hardware: Meadow Burke

Another panel on this job measured 96'-3".

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Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church
Lecanto, Florida
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92'-10¾" (28.31 m)

Tilt-Up Contractor: Elkins Constructors, Inc.
Structural Engineer: McVeigh and Magnum Engineering, Inc.

Other panels heights included 91'-10¾" and 70'-11".

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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Nassau Bay, Texas
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91'-7¼" (27.92 m)
  Completed in 1997
Pinal County Courthouse
Florence, Arizona
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87'-3" (26.59 m)
  Tilt-Up Contractor: Riggs Contracting, Inc.
Hilton Hotel (Polaris)
Columbus, Ohio
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85'-0" (25.91 m)

Tilt-Up Contractor: Lithko Contracting
Tilt-Up Engineer: Scott Collins of Meadow Burke Engineering
Lifting & Bracing: Meadow Burke
Bond Breaker: Nox-Crete
Tilt-Up Supply: White Cap Construction Supply

Other panels heights include 80'-10".

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Carson-Tahoe Replacement Hospital
Carson City, Nevada
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83'-2" (25.35 m)

Tilt-Up Contractor: Tedesco Construction, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Degenkolb Engineers

Other panels heights include 80'-10".

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Bella Sera
Lawrence, Kansas
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83'-0" (25.30 m)

Tilt-Up Contractor: Lithko Contracting, Inc. (Kansas City, KS)
Lifting Hardware/Engineer: Meadow Burke

Initial drawings called for cast-in-place walls for each of these elevator/stairwell cores.  After some brainstorming and value-engineering along with acceptance from the engineer, it was converted to Tilt-Up. The exterior of the cores will all be covered with drywall. The interior of the stairwell cores will remain exposed. 

The final appearance of the interior of the stairwell was a huge selling point in converting from cast-in-place to Tilt. There are absolutely no form joints or construction joints in the stairwell.

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Five Story Office Building
Weston, Florida
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80'-6" (24.38 m)
  Tilt-Up Contractor: Florida Tilt, Inc.
Erector: Sunshine Specialties
Vista Center
West Palm Beach, Florida
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80'-0" (27.92 m)
  General Contractor: Catalfumo Construction, Ltd.
Tilt-Up Contractor: Builders Plus
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IKEA Distribution Center
Lebec, California
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72'-6" (22.1 m)

Architects: Gillings + Good-Man Architects

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