((HEART)) of EnglandHeart of England
By Rosemarie Peel
Copyright January 2000

In time for Valentine's Day here is a little heart.

6 yards of red thread. I used Flora #20 bought in Germany
2 Shuttles, wind 2 yards on Sh1 and 4 yards on Sh2

This pattern incorporates many techniques:

Heart diagram Note: On the diagram here, the numbers on one side are to be reflected on the other side.
Start the SCMR with Sh1 and make Rings A to I off it with Sh2.
After closing the SCMR, make a chain all round the heart using Sh1 as the core thread. LJ to the picots on the rings as you go. With Sh2 make a JK by the LJ as well as half way along some of the chains - see diagram.
Fasten off to the middle of the second of 8 chain and sew in ends.

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